6 secret tricks and tips to grow longer eyelashes super-fast

Longer eyelashes are what women around the world look for. That’s why mascaras are used to give it a longer shape. Here are secrets which are going to be your mantras for long curled lashes you always dream of. Follow these tips and flaunt your eyelashes.

‘Eyes without lashes are like Cake without Frosting.’ Do you feel frustrated when you have to use mascara or fake eyelashes to make your eyelashes look long and beautiful? Well, you don’t have to feel frustrated anymore! Beautiful lashes are a blink away. Yes, we are not kidding at all! There are many tricks and tips to give your eyelashes that gorgeous look you are longing for. Yes, there are plenty of home remedies you can try and grow your eyelashes naturally.

It may seem a little weird, but there is a type of comb which can help you to brush your eyelashes. This is the simplest way to make your eyelashes longer. Brush your eyelashes frequently and see the outcome.

The use of Vaseline is the simplest and an old-age trick that really works! Use a cotton stick or mascara brush and apply a swipe of Vaseline on your eyelid before going to bed. With the use of Vaseline, you will make your lashes longer and thicker. You have to wait for the results, but it will make a noticeable change.

In order to make your lash longer, you could use any of the natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and castor oil. Applying them regularly on your lashes can simply make it work. If you want to see the best outcome, do it regularly. Natural oil consists of vitamins, minerals and lengthening agents. These constituents will not only enlarge your lashes, but also moisturize them.

You can try Vitamin E supplements, if you want to have faster results. Make a routine of taking one on a daily basis. Vitamin E lotion aids in increasing your lashes to its maximum growth.

If you want to get a perfect amount of eyelashes, you must take care of your eye to make it work. But, if you try everything and you do not keep your eyes clean, then you will not get the benefit. Every time before you go to bed, you should take off your makeup and clean your eyes.

There are many types of mascara that have lash accelerators. You should try the one from Rimmel London, which will definitely work! One coat of mascara will make it grow longer. With your long eyelashes, you will have a perfect look!

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