6 Reasons You Should Pee in the Shower & Not Feel Gross About It

6 Reasons You Should Pee in the Shower & Not Feel Gross About It

What goes on behind closed bathroom doors is something that most people don’t want to talk about.

So it’s no wonder that just about nobody admits to peeing in the shower.

But the fact is, according to a survey conducted by YouGov, 61 percent of Americans have peed in the shower. And I’m sure that in other countries, people tinkle in the shower in similar numbers.

But it’s not as disgusting and dangerous as you might think…

Urine isn’t bad for the body. On the contrary, there are several advantages to emptying your bladder while you’re standing in the shower.

1. Aside from convenience, many people champion shower-peeing for its environmental impact.

SOS Mata Atlantica Foundation, a Brazilian environmental organization, grabbed global headlines in 2009 with a video urging people to pee in the shower.

Through the ad, they suggested that saving one toilet flush a day would save more than 1,100 gallons of water a year.

And in 2014, two students at England’s University of East Anglia launched a #GoWithTheFlow campaign to save water by urinating during shower time.

In addition to saving water, you can also save on your water bill and a little on your toilet paper expenses, too.

2. Letting the water do the wiping is more hygienic

Toilet paper wipes urine around more than away; and can leave behind residue and bacteria, leading to skin irritation

Peeing in the shower isn’t gender-specific, either. The act frees you from the risk of accidentally spreading bacteria by wiping back to front. And if you normally stand while peeing, urine spatter can reach eye level and up to 5 feet to either side of you. So, occasionally saving it for the shower cuts down on the accidental wall decoration.

3. It will make you prepared

When’s the last time you peed in the wild? It’s not a skill many grown women cultivate and it’s pretty seldom you need to employ the squat method but if you ever do, your morning shower sessions will make it that much easier to let it flow!

4. It’s good for your skin

Urine contains urea, which is good for the skin and is a natural moisturizer. It’s a common ingredient in skincare products but it’s often produced synthetically.

Dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, M.D. of the Schweiger Dermatology Group says, “We already use urea, a component of urine, in a lot of skincare products. Urine is essentially mostly water—but a small percentage is urea.”

5. It’s fun

Yeah, I said it. Grown-ups don’t get to do a lot of subversive things on a daily basis, but peeing in the shower can be your little act of rebellion for the day.

6. It’s not as weird as you think it is

In a Today Show poll, over 80 percent of people admitted to being mellow with the yellow in the shower. (Al Roker was the lone holdout among the hosts, in case you were curious.) Peeing in the shower is quicker and more convenient. ‘)


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