6 Foods That Make Us Fart Excessively

6 Foods That Make Us Fart Excessively

Farting is normal – the average person does it 5-15 times a day. In fact, having a lot of gas on any given day can actually be a sign of good health, if you forget about any discomfort or embarrassment caused. This is because the foods that create farts tend to be complex, healthy, fiber-containing carbohydrates that your body can’t break down, but the bacteria in your gut can.

So, what foods make you fart, what make your farts smell bad, and when should you see your doctor?

However, you can gain control over it by reducing the following foods:

1. Dairy products

Cow’s and goat’s milk contain lactose, a sugar that can cause gas to build up. In addition, about 65% of the world’s adult population has a degree of lactose intolerance, and consuming dairy products can leave them feeling bloated and gassy.

2.Processed foods

Processed foods will also make you fart since they contain a lot of fat, oil, sugar and monosodium glutamates that are used as additives and can cause a gas to be released during metabolism.

3. Beans

Beans and lentils contain a lot of fiber, but they also contain raffinose, a complex sugar that we don’t process well. These sugars make their way to the intestines, where your gut goes to town using them for energy, resulting in hydrogen, methane, and even smelly sulfur.

4. Onions

Onions can also cause flatulence due to their chemical composition. It can take a long time to be digested. This can cause some gas to form and discharge during digestion.

5. Potatoes

Potatoes can make you fart because one potato contains about 37 grams of carbohydrates, which can cause some gas to be released in your intestines.

6 Yogurt

Yogurt can cause flatulence because the digestive system takes a long time to absorb some of its nutrients. This can cause some gas release as it moves from the intestines to the colon.

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