6 Female Behaviors Men Just Love (#5 Will Blow Your Mind!)

6 Female Behaviors Men Just Love (#5 Will Blow Your Mind!)

A woman is the most amazing gift a man can have, right girls? YES, you have that right – a good woman will love you and will love you unconditionally! But, she is also the one that bothers you the most. Women have habits that can be really annoying to a man – keep calling her, acting like a child while doing something, talking, selfies, watching them and then deleting them and then doing the same thing again, spending too much time shopping, etc., are some of the most annoying things about a woman, according to a man. Here are 6 female habits that men really love:

6 Female Behaviors Men Just Love (#5 Will Blow Your Mind!)

1. Bury your head in her chest

Men simply love it when a woman puts her head on her chest. In those moments, they feel as if they are giving their loved one a sense of security.

2. Play with your hair when you drive a car

This is not only due to the physical pleasure of stroking her head, but men experience the caress as an expression of affection, love, and their partner’s need for contact.

3. Praises him on Facebook

In my personal opinion, I think this is a bit obvious – men love it when the public appreciates them.

4. She always listens

Ladies, this is very important for you to remember – this easy “task” will make your man feel the love.

5. He texts/calls her when she is at a meeting with friends

Did you know that your man will be very happy when you tell him that you are thinking about him, even when he is busy with something else?

6. She reveals her affection in public

You catch his hand (first), or when you hold him in the exit line; when you correct his hair – all these gestures make his heart beat faster.

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