6 Behaviors of Women Who Are Madly in Love

True love is not something that falls from the sky. So as to experience true love, you need to go through both happy and sad moments with your partner. “Love’s not a bunch of chemicals, but the chemistry in our brain plays a major part in how we feel for some people”, AJ Harbinger, an expert on relationships said.

Our brain releases certain chemicals when we feel happy which are similar to those when we fall in love. Being in love makes us focus on the person we have fallen for and forget about everything else. Falling in love with someone who loves you back is the best feeling in the world. Nevertheless, figuring out whether your partner shares the same feelings with you is difficult. This is the reason why we have explained the 6 most common behaviors of women who are in love.

1. She is acting childish

Women in love will often act unusual and even childish. She might be doing this in order to seem cuter for you and some of those behaviors might include talking loudly to get your attention and even showing childlike innocence.

2. She is shy

One of the first signs that a woman in love shows is shyness. She might seem very easygoing with her friends and she will suddenly become shy around you. It might be difficult for her to maintain eye contact or talk to you. If she does this, she might be head over heels for you.

3. She dresses to impress

A woman in love will do her best to leave a good impression on you, so if she suddenly started dressing up she might be trying to impress you.

4. She knows your wants and needs

If a woman loves, you she will do her research about your wants and needs because she will want to help you and make you happy.

5. She starts the conversation

A woman in love will always initiate a conversation whether it is in person, online or a text. If she is the first to try to reach you, she is probably into you.

6. She gives you presents.

This is one of the more obvious signs. The gift does not always have to be expensive, but it will always be from the heart and thoughtfully planned. If she gives you a present without a reason it is a strong sign she has fallen hard for you.

All women are different and they express their love in a different way. However, there are often common things most women do, so if you noticed some of these behaviors in the woman you love, you can be sure she loves you back.

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