59-Year-Old Mom Gives Birth to Twins While Oldest Daughter Is ‘Disgusted by Her Decision’

59-Year-Old Mom Gives Birth to Twins While Oldest Daughter Is ‘Disgusted by Her Decision


Some of the most important decisions we make in life can alter our reality or lead to growing estrangement from our loved ones. Lauren Cohen from Paramus, New Jersey, finds herself in a similar situation but stands her ground despite the setback.

It all started in 2002 when she met someone who left an indelible impression on her heart. From that point on, Cohen is never the same again and knows that every decision she makes will revolve around that particular person.

Divorced and married a man 20 years younger than her and gave birth to twins at the age of 60

Cohen had divorced her first husband, Ray, after two years of marriage when she crossed paths with Frank Garcia at a dancing class in New Jersey. Even though he was 20 years her junior, the two instantly fell in love and became practically inseparable.

They married in July 2002. Frank had always wanted children, and Lauren feared that he would be left alone after she passed away. She also wanted her husband to experience parental bliss.

“It scared me to think that Frank might end up looking after a woman in his eighties — with nothing else in his life,” she said. “And by then, he’d be too old to start again with someone else.”

The pair looked into IVF to help have the family they so badly wanted.

But because Lauren was in her late 50s at the time, clinic after clinic turned them down.

The clinic gave up on them after four IVF cycles failed. But their dreams came true when a doctor in New Jersey agreed to help. “I fell pregnant with Raquel on the first attempt,” Lauren says. “I was ecstatic. I jumped around the room and cried. But since I wanted Frank to have more than one child, we agreed to try again.”

Less than a year after Raquel’s birth in ­December 2004, Lauren was pregnant once more – but this time she was expecting twins.

On May 22, 2006, 59-year-old Cohen delivered twins, Gregory and Giselle, via IVF using donor eggs and became the oldest mother in the U.S. to become a mom to twins.

Now Lauren is doing ­everything she can to live as long as possible and watch her little ones grow up.

In addition to doing pilates and yoga, the mom-of-three said she took nearly 100 supplements every week to stay fit.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to live as long as I can,” she says. “I’ve set a target of seeing them through college. I’ve got to keep going for 17 years – until I’m 81.

Even worse, she’s lost touch with her oldest daughter Renee, 32, who is ­disgusted by her mother’s decision. A distraught Cohen shared that her 32-year-old daughter was outraged by her decision to have kids later in life. Resultantly, Cohen lost touch with Renee, and her granddaughter, Hannah.

But Lauren, who runs a law firm, is still sure she’s made the right choice.

Even though Cohen had to learn to be a mother to little ones again, she said she was relieved to know her husband wouldn’t be alone if she died first.

Garcia expressed he was delighted to become a father to twins and couldn’t wait to delve into fatherhood. We hope Cohen and Garcia have a lovely time parenting and their family continues to grow in love.

Source:mirror.co.uk, littlethings.com, news.amomama.com

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