5 sure signs your relationship has lost its spark

5 sure signs your relationship has lost its spark

Most partnerships go through several stages. But that doesn’t mean that after the early honeymoon period when we’re riding that biological high of love, relationships should become dull or passionless. Whether your relationship has lost its lustre, take an honest look at it to see if something needs to change.

Here are 5 warning signs that your relationship has lost its spark

1. You hardly ever fight.

Once you don’t feel like taking to fight anymore, it’s a red light. You still annoy each other, but you’re no longer involved enough in each other to become enraged.

When you’ve settled into a platonic marriage, though, neither of these concerns will occur.

2. Separate sleeping quarters.

It began as a need (perhaps owing to financial constraints).

You now no longer feel like staying in the same room with him/her, or she/he turned the spare room into a man cave out of need (maybe owing to kids, snoring, illness, or working shifts).

If you simply sleep better in separate beds, this habit may be beneficial to your relationship.

A study reveals that getting a good night’s sleep made couples happy the next day.

However, if you’re doing it to avoid each other, that’s a negative indicator.

Couples who sleep in separate beds are frequently dissatisfied.

3. Neither of you is ever envious of the others.

It’s gotten to the point where you no longer wanna hear the person talking across your partner’s phone. While intense jealousy is unpleasant and damaging, most couples will encounter the green monster at times.

So, yes, Jealousy is a big sign.

The dread of losing someone is the basis of jealousy.

As a result, a lack of jealousy may indicate that you are unconcerned about whether your partner remains or leaves.

4. You are no longer concerned with your appearance.

This doesn’t mean you’ve lost interest in impressing each other. Dressing down, especially for ladies, can indicate that you’re depressed.

When women are unhappy, they are more likely to wear dark, familiar, baggy clothes. In contrast, when they are joyful, they are six times more likely to wear a dress, according to a study published in the Journal Of Experimental Psychology.

5. You don’t go to bed at the same hour every night.

You now leave your partner and go to bed alone. Science suggests your husband can’t help himself if he stays up later than you.

Late at night, men get a small spike in testosterone, which causes them to stay up late watching TV or playing video games.

However, if you both make it a point to never go to bed together – or if you separate into different rooms every night – you’re purposefully creating space.

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