5 Simple Ways That Make Him Help Around The House Automatically

“Who does more around the house?” And “how on earth do you get your partner to do more?”. It’s an argument for the ages.

Whether your list of household chores causes a daily divide or a huge “chore war” every Saturday morning, there’s no sense in simply doing the lion’s share to avoid the conflict. Instead, try a few of the following strategies on for size.

Ranging from the logical to the surreptitious, one of these approaches is sure to work. Before long, you’ll both be living in lemony-fresh harmony amidst rooms full of shining furniture and polished floors.

OK, maybe that’s really overstating things but at the very least, your new tactics could improve communication overall — something we’d take over a clean house any day.

1. Ask for Help

Your man may not be helping you as you’ve never thought to ask. Men are simple when it comes to this, therefore many women are surprised at the positive changes they see when they are direct. Your man may not be assisting you since he thinks you have everything under control. Reaching out and asking him for help could lead to a positive reaction, since he feels needed and helpful.

2. Show Appreciation

Everyone loves to be appreciated. Men react extremely positively to compliments. They gravitate towards whoever is giving them positive reinforcement. As his woman, you want to always be that person. When your man does something you appreciate, make sure you let him know, loud and clear. As a society, we tend to only speak up when things are not done to our satisfaction. Breaking that cycle can build a healthy, strong relationship. A man who feels appreciated is going to go out of his way to help his woman.

3. Designate Chores

Distributing chores ahead of time is a good practice that ensures expectations are being met. When chores are up for grabs, there is no personal responsibility tied to anyone. This leaves many things undone, and could cause fights. Writing down specific chores for each person, and discussing expectations eliminates the chances of this happening. If a chore is not done after this, both people know who is responsible.

4. Don’t Be Too Picky

As ladies, we tend to have a specific way we like things done. The problem is, that leaves no room for the man in our lives. Being nit-picky is a surefire way to turn a man off, so it is important to accept the help they offer. This means being able to be thankful that he washed the dishes, instead of focusing on the one fork that is out of place.

5. Return The Favor

If your man needs help with something, be willing to give him a hand. This shows him that you are a team. Having a team mentality promotes closeness in every area of a relationship. If your man remembers that you helped him iron his clothes earlier, he will be more likely to help you with something you need. Instead of feeling like he is always being asked to do something, he will feel that it is a two-way street.

Men are usually more than willing to help. Once we speak up and let our needs be known, men are willing to offer a helping hand. These 5 tips make that process smoother.

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