5 Simple Relationship Truths You Need to Know

5 Simple Relationship Truths You Need to Know

So much has been written about relationships that it’s difficult to determine what’s true and what’s not.

We has gathered some relationship stereotypes that you can discard immediately.

5. There must be passion at the beginning.

Not all relationships begin with incredible infatuation. Therefore, it is worth paying attention not only to passion and sparks but also to a sense of security and comfort that you feel (or not) next to a person. For a strong relationship, it is much more important if you can laugh together and trust each other.

4. Happy partners have the same interests.

It could get quite boring to hear similar experiences from your partner.

On the other hand, if you seem to enjoy ice-skating while your partner is fond of rock music, it would mean that you have the option to make the bond with your other half even stronger by introducing them to a whole new world. On top of that, having personal interests makes you appear more attractive to your partner.

After all, opposites attract!

3. Happy couples never fight.

People who never fight usually just don’t care. Couples without troubles are usually on their way to a breakup. We are not saying that foul language or abuse are okay, but small quarrels shouldn’t worry you. They happen to everyone, and this is how you and your partner learn to understand each other better. Making up is always nice too.

2. Happy partners adore each other’s relatives and friends.

You shouldn’t be surprised if your partner seems to get along with you but not your friends and family. After all, they chose to be in a relationship with you, not the people who are related to you. You too are not obliged to unconditionally love your partner’s friends and family.

You must have a conversation with your partner regarding the extent to which the two of you would like to involve third parties in your relationship. It is always good to set boundaries early on in the partnership in order to ensure that nobody feels insulted.

1. Happy couples are always together.

If you think that the partners in happy couples never part, it’s an illusion. Sooner or later, every person wants to spend some time alone. In harmonious unions, partners understand this and calmly give each other personal space. You should never blame yourself for desiring this. Some rest from family duties is necessary. It doesn’t mean that you’ve stopped loving your partner: on the contrary, it helps preserve feelings or even breathe new life into the relationship.

A lot of the time we learn the characteristics of a “perfect” relationship from movies or ads. But they have little to do with reality. Remember that when noticing your partner’s little flaws. They make them real.

Source:stylecraze.com, brightside.me

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