5 Signs Your Significant Other Doesn’t Love You Unconditionally. Be Careful With Your Heart!

What does it mean to love someone unconditionally? It means that you’ll love them no matter what happens in your life or theirs. You’ll love them even if they get sick, or lose their job, or even if they say something that upsets you.

Loving someone unconditionally is a beautiful thing, but sometimes not everyone can have a partner who loves them this way. Many people may find that, after looking into it a bit more, their partner’s love does, in fact, have conditions. This may mean that their partner’s love is conditional on key factors like job security, health, wealth, or any other condition that could possibly change. Thus, in order to save yourself from heartbreaks, below are mentioned 5 signs which show that your partner may not love you unconditionally.

1. Your partner wants to change you.

When he wants to change some parts of you which don’t bother you at all, he wants to mold you in a different version of yourself because they are not satisfied with how you are right now. They don’t accept and like you as you are. They probably have created an image of an ideal partner in their heads and they want to make you as close to it as possible, even if it means making drastic changes, such as having plastic surgeries or completely changing your lifestyle.

2. He escapes when things get tough.

All couples have problems. The strongest ones are those where two people involved work together on finding solutions. But if your partner escapes every time an issue arises, it is a sign that he doesn’t want to invest in your relationship. He simply doesn’t care enough to save your relationship and support you.

3. He is emotionally needy.

It becomes especially toxic when your partner asks you to be right there and now when they need support from you but when you ask for it – they refuse to help you. Although they are not willing to help you when you need their support, they expect you to drop everything and to be by their side when things get tough for them.

4. You always make sacrifices for him.

If you want to be in a healthy and supportive relationship, you need to make compromises and when one partner is not willing to do so, another partner is constantly making sacrifices so that they would be happy.

5. You feel insecure about your relationship.

Sometimes we just have that feeling that something in our relationships is wrong although we can’t tell exactly what it is. You start wondering whether your partner really loves you or not and it makes you worried. Also, in many cases you refuse to talk about it with your partner because you know they will get angry and tell you it is all in your head. There is no honest communication and without it, relationships can’t work.

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