5 Signs Your Marriage Is In Deep Trouble

5 Signs Your Marriage Is In Deep Trouble

1. Effective communication rarely occurs.

It seems that most of your discussions and disagreements are not productive. If all your conversations end in an argument, it is a sure sign that your marriage is in trouble.

2. Spending less time together.

When this happens, couples stop being friends and their emotional connection suffers. They begin to lead separate lives. Unless you are willing to re-prioritize what is truly important – time together – your marriage will remain in the danger zone.

3. They argue about money.

Most arguments in marriage are about finances. If your conversations often spiral into fights over money, that’s a red flag.

4. Intimacy has become a thing of the past

Healthy relationships involve a lot of physical intimacy. If you and your partner lack any of these things, it will certainly affect both your self-esteem and your marriage as a whole.

5. You stop trusting each other

You also no longer talk about your life because you believe your partner won’t be interested, or you just don’t feel like having this conversation with them.

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