5 Signs your husband doesn’t find you attractive anymore (and What to Do)

Sign that your husband no longer finds you attractive (and what to do about it)

Check these signs, if you haven’t already

It can be quite disheartening to know that your husband no longer feels the same connection with you as he once did. This can be due to a number of reasons – stress, infidelity, trust issues, or simply because he has fallen in love with you. To address such an issue, you need to be sure if your husband is no longer interested in you. And the signs listed below on how to identify this situation will certainly help you.

1. The same bed

If your husband avoids sleeping in the same bed as you, then there is a big problem at hand. In a marriage, you both should not have to sleep separately. Marriage is all about staying close and intimate.

2. Lack of passion

Lack of passion during kissing, during sex is easily identifiable, especially if your husband doesn’t really feel it anymore. You may feel how your husband doesn’t have the same fire and passion in his movements compared to before.

What to do:

Find out what your sexual need is. Is once a month comfortable for you, or is once a week more like it? Do you know what your ideal amount of sex is?

Try to find a compromise in between, if it varies. It never hurts to try something new in the bedroom to light the fire.

3. Pushing him away

You may feel that your husband tries to push you away whenever you try to get closer to him or try to reconnect, and this is probably because he no longer feels the same connection to you. Perhaps his heart is with someone else or because he no longer feels the same way about you.

What to do:

Have a conversation with him and tell him how it seems that he is irritated by you, and you find this upsetting. Try to get to the root of the problem to see what is causing him to have this attitude.

4. Compliments

If he rarely compliments you on your appearance, work and efforts, then that is because he is no longer interested in you. His mind may be elsewhere.

What to do:

Start the compliments, even if it’s just to tell him that the lawn he mowed looks great. Compliments are great ways to break the ice and start warming up to someone. Offering him a compliment may be a solution if you start to notice signs that your husband is not attracted to you.

5. Communication

Communication is the key aspect of any relationship. To maintain a successful relationship, you need to communicate your needs and desires. And if your husband rarely does this or shows minimal interest in doing so, then you have a clear sign that your husband is no longer attracted to you.

What to do:

Start by asking him about his day. Really listen to his answers and respond by asking questions that lead to more conversation. Make eye contact and show him that you care by relating to his experiences.

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