5 signs that your husband doesn’t love you anymore

5 signs that your husband doesn’t love you anymore

The worst blind man is the one who doesn’t want to see, as the saying goes. The signs that your husband doesn’t love you may be obvious.

According to marriage counselor Kurt Smith, the signs of the end of love are usually evident, but people don’t see it for many reasons, and the main one is because they don’t want to see it. It is painful for a woman to be certain that “my husband doesn’t love me anymore.”

The counselor warns that demonstrations of affection or loving words on dates such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, are not usually reliable sources of love demonstration. On these dates, there is a social pressure to show affection that is not always true. For Kurt Smith, true love is expressed in everyday attitudes when there is no commemorative pressure.

5 signs that your husband doesn’t love you anymore

And he highlights the 5 signs that make it evident that a husband no longer loves his wife (it may serve men to know their wives’ feelings as well).

1. Holidays and nothing else

If your husband doesn’t give you gifts on festive dates, or doesn’t even remember them, that would be a sure sign. But what if he gives you cards and gifts expressing his love only on these dates and nothing else. What can you deduce? Maybe he is just disconnected, but it’s good to keep an eye out.

2. The behavior is inconsistent

Imagine that the day before he is angry, speaks badly, says he doesn’t even want to see you, that he would like you to disappear from his life, and today he is hugging you, wanting to make love. Does this mean that what he said before was not true? If he does not suffer from bipolar disorder, watch out for the other signs.

3. You! Always you

You are always the cause of all the problems. When you try to talk to him, he says that you see problems in everything. When you complain that he doesn’t seem to love you anymore, he tells you to look at your own actions – that is, you and your attitudes are to blame. He is the wronged one who does everything right, but you don’t appreciate him, don’t care about him, etc. This is often a sure sign that he is looking for reasons to leave the relationship.

4. He doesn’t accept (love) you

He doesn’t compliment you, doesn’t notice anything you do. He criticizes your way of being, your clothes, your body, your hair, your food, your work. When you do something really good, he reminds you of what you did wrong. He doesn’t encourage you to grow.

Maybe looking back on your relationship, this is a pattern that has repeated itself. If so, be sure: He doesn’t love you anymore.

5. It’s no use talking

You ask him to change an annoying behavior and he continues to do it. You ask again and again, you plead with him, and he doesn’t listen. You ask and he doesn’t answer. It is always you who gives in, who sacrifices for the relationship. You feel fed up and tired and he never seems to care. Could there be a more obvious sign of a lack of love?

How to act when your spouse doesn’t love you anymore

When you love someone it is difficult to see their mistakes, and if you do, you can fall into the trap of justifying their every act instead of seeing the reality. It is very common for a woman to see this behavior in another woman’s husband than in her own.

The signs of true love appear on a daily basis. You know your husband loves you if he gives you cards and gifts and also values, prioritizes, and cares for you, if he speaks loving words on other days and not just on holidays, when he is considerate and cares about your feelings.

When he doesn’t do these things, you can be sure that the love is over. It is up to you – as painful as it may be – to accept it, to take care of yourself, and to decide what to do from now on.


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