5 Signs That Show Your Partner Is Manipulating You

Sometimes it can be easy to tell when someone is using you, but at other times, it’s not as apparent. When we are attached to someone emotionally, our judgments can be clouded, and we don’t always think critically and rationally about the situation. When we are with someone who is taking advantage of this, it can be even harder to detect when we are being manipulated, and the signs can slip right past us. This article will learn about some of the tell-tale signs that you are with an emotionally manipulative person and what you can do about it.

1. They criticize you constantly.

You are in a relationship with a manipulator if he teases you a lot and when he sees that you are offended, he will tell you that it was only a joke and you shouldn’t take it so personally. Manipulative people use this technique in order to feel superior over you and to bring you down as in such a way they become more confident.

2. You are forced to apologize when you get your feelings hurt.

When we get angry, we say things which we don’t mean but after anger passes, we apologize. However, when you are in a manipulating relationship, your partner makes you apologize all the time even if you are the one whose feelings got hurt.

3. They make you feel crazy.

Psychologists call this manipulative technique gaslighting. What it means is manipulators creating a fake reality and making you believe in it. Thus, you start to question your own sanity. You know that something didn’t happen for sure but your partner is so assertive about it that you start to believe what he is saying.

4. They are in control of mutual financial decisions.

It can come to such a point that when you want to buy something, your partner insists that you ask him first even when it is your own money.

5. When you talk about something, they always ask you to speak first.

In such a way, they can firsthand know your opinion and how to use it for their own advantage. Also, manipulative people identify what your weaknesses are and start talking only after it. Even if you refuse to start talking first, such people know what questions they need to ask so that you would open up and talk.

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