5 reasons why men pull away from a relationship even if it is good

5 reasons why men pull away from a relationship even if it is good

1. He’s Interested in Someone Else

This is frightening. You should keep your composure if you think your man is cheating on you. If you don’t keep your feelings in check, they can cloud your judgment and make you angry.

Would you like to salvage the relationship? If you do, you must keep a level head when you talk to him. If you approach him like a crazed lunatic, you could push him away.

2. He’s Going Through a Difficult Time

Men have their own way of handling stressful situations. If he is going through a difficult time, it’s imperative for you to support him. Yet, you should also consider giving him some space. He may need some time to work out his problems.

3. Men See Things Differently

Medical studies show that men’s brains have a unique way of processing things. This explains why men take extra time to analyze matters about their relationships with women.

If he’s stressed out and pulls away from you, he needs time to think about the relationship. During this time, he will evaluate his feelings and weigh his options.

Exercising patience is the key to dealing with a stressed out boyfriend.

4. Your Relationship has hit a Snag

A small misunderstanding can turn into a heated argument. Many couples are unable to rebound after a serious clash.

In your case, you may be under the impression that your man is pulling away from you. However, he could be getting closer to you.

5. He Has Doubts

Compatibility issues can ruin a relationship. This is the primary reason why you must make sure that you and your suitor have similar interests. It would be a big mistake for you to date someone with different interests. If a man believes you are not on his level, he will distance himself.

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