5 Places on Body Women Should Never EVER Shave

For many women, shaving is just a regular part of our daily routine. It might deliver temporary results, but it’s quick, cheap, and can be accomplished in the shower before going to work. There are some places on our bodies, however, that should never be shaved, even in the most dire circumstances. If you’ve spotted a few unwanted hairs and are grabbing for your razor, you might want to think twice.

1) Eyebrows

Believe it or not, shaving your eyebrows used to be a lot more acceptable. That is, until people realized how unnatural and choppy it looks. Eyebrows, and anywhere on your face for that matter, will grow back stubby and dark, giving you five o’clock shadows in places you really don’t want them. There are many more efficient ways to remove eyebrow hair that will give you longer and better looking results, such as threading, tweezing, and waxing.

2) Upper Lip & Chin

Not every woman is blessed with gender-appropriate hair growth. Many of us face the embarrassing task of making sure those little dark hairs are under control. There’s nothing more embarrassing that checking yourself out in the mirror only to find a rogue follicle sticking out of your chin. Shaving your face, however, it’s a fast-track ticket to total facial hair growth. You’re only dealing with a few hairs here and there. But in time, shaving will make those hairs multiply.

3) Arms

Getting rid of arm hair is a personal choice that many women make. If you’re one of those women, the best way to remove unwanted forearm hair is to wax. Waxing is quick and will become less painful the more you do it. Shaving your arms will leave them stubbly and unpleasant to touch.

4) Neck

It’s common to have blonde hairs on our necks, and sometimes they can grow a few shades darker than we’d like. If those hairs aren’t completely dark, we suggest just leaving them or getting them waxed. We don’t, however, suggest shaving your neck, as the hair will grow back thicker and darker, giving you a full-blow stubble that you’ll have to shave more often.

5) Stomach

If you have what’s known as a “treasure trail,” and you want to remove it, resist the urge to make it disappear with your razor. The regrowth on that part of your body can be unattractive and bothersome. The best way to remove hair from that area is tweezing or waxing.

Source: thenailpro.ca

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