5 Places Around Your Body You Should Never Keeping Your Phones

5 Places around your body you should avoid keeping your phone

Many individuals don’t realize the dangers of holding their phones too near to their bodies, so they do it out of habit.

According to Menshealth, there are various parts of your body you shouldn’t consider placing your mobile phone. In this article, i have made a basic explanation to you in this post the various spots around your body where you should not put your phone for the protection of your health.

1. Your Trousers’ Pocket

Because the radiation your phone releases might harm sperm count and cause cancer and other significant health issues, it’s best to avoid or stop this behavior immediately if you’re the kind that loves to keep your phone in your trouser pocket. Because of this, you should not carry your phone around with you constantly.

2. If you must keep your phone somewhere, don’t put it in your bra.

Many women around the world prefer to complete their duties with their phones tucked away in their bras. Breast cancer and tissue damage can result if you don’t quit quickly. So if you’re going to be doing some housework, you’ll need to put your phone away.

3. Your Shirt’s Pocket

It is safest to put your smartphone near your chest so you will have less of a chance of it getting stolen. However, it is not safe to put your phone in the pocket close to your heart.

While experts have debated this, doctors suggest people to avoid keeping any mobile device in the chest pocket of the shirt, especially if it’s connected to a wireless network. At this point, your body is getting radiation up to two to seven times higher than when you place it in a bag.

4. Under Your Pillow

Under your pillow in the bedroom is another spot where you should avoid dropping your phone because the radiation might damage your brain.

5. Back Pocket

Yes, keeping your phone in your back pocket does protect the phone from slipping and falling. But, aside from the possibility of damaging the phone, especially the screen, storing your phone in your back pocket can also be bad for your back and butt. Specifically, it can trigger sciatica, or pain that starts in your buttocks and shoots down the leg.

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