5 Clear Signs a Deceased Loved One is Near You

We do not have to be a psychic medium to communicate with deceased loved ones. Actually, passed souls will connect to us in times of need or yearning.

Our loved ones try to contact us after ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ and can come with important messages or just simply to tell us that everything is all right. We can classify these methods of communication as grief processing. Here are some of the ways they might reach out to you.

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1. Feeling their touch

Feeling their touch is a clear sign that you are not alone. The most commonly felt after a loved one passing can be the sensation of being touched softly, on your back or on your hand.

2. Smelling Their Scent

Fragrance may be one of the strongest ways to know that a deceased family member or friend is nearby.

People commonly report smelling their perfume or cologne. Some say they still catch whiffs of that person’s unique smell.

There have even been reports of smelling cigarette smoke in the cases of loved ones who were smokers when they were alive, and smelling certain foods that loved ones used to enjoy eating the most.

3. Watch your pets

Have you ever noticed that your cat starts to purring for no reason, or your dog starts wagging his tail and at the same time staring across the room? These animals have higher- level of hearing than we do. They have different sight. They have the ability to see further into the red spectrum. Sometimes, pets can come back to visit after they have passed too. The signs of their presence will be alike to the habits they followed in life. For example, they will sleep in their favorite places and jump up on beds with a noticeable landing.

4. They visit us in our dreams

While you could certainly try to rationally explain away dreams of friends or family members you’ve lost, many claim that these dreams are actually visitations from beyond.

These reports claim that deceased loved ones will try to reach out while you are asleep. They may simply appear and then disappear.

But others claim that their friends and family members have tried to deliver comforting messages during dreams, particularly that they are doing okay.

5. Hiding or appearing objects

Is the same thing always being misplaced? In these moments, you may feel as you have lost your mind. Sometimes, our loved ones will move objects in order to get our attention. Other people can find more clear signs. For example, a photo of your loved ones that refuse to remain upright or a piece of jewelry that continues to turn up in weird places.

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