5 bєdroom activities every couple should try at least once

5 bєdroom activities every couple should try at least once

1. Try massages

This massage ignites all your senses and this can really give you a new experience with your partner.

To make it even more sen$ual, play some relaxing music, light up some scented candles, dim the lights a little and most importantly, use the right techniques.

If you want to learn how to do it, search on the best way to do it and which pleasure points you should focus on.

2. Take a shower together

Shower time is no doubt ‘Me’ time, by entering their ‘me’ time you will be able to get closer to them. Taking a shower with your partner proves how much comfortable you are with them. Also, it will save time & water!

3. Food for love

There are tons of ways to add food in to your fantasies. Peaches, bananas, grapes, apples and the King of fruit passion- strawberries, they can all make things more “interesting” for you in bed. Just be sure to keep some towels ready beforehand in order to keep the sheets from getting dirty. If food is not something that will enhance the excitement, then we are sure an ice cube will do the deed too. Just try it out- take an ice cube and give your partner a cool and intimate massage, tonight.

4. Watch p0rn together

Don’t be shy about it! It’s a chance to get to know more about each other’s secret fantasies and previously unknown preferences or fetishes.

5. Record yourselves

I know, I know, there are so many risks that come with having a video of you two. And granted, it is scary to think of what might happen if you ever have a nasty breakup.

But, you only live once and if you have a strong level of trust in your relationship, do it. It will be mind-blowing when you see yourselves from a different perspective plus, it is a huge turn on too.

If you’re a bit hesitant, you can only have the video for a short time and delete it.

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