40 Things Every Woman Should Have By Age 40

40 Things Every Woman Should Have By Age 40

Without further delay, 40 things every woman “should have” by age 40:

1. Had such an emotionally-powerful kiss that it will continually remind you of the word “passion.”

2. Had a lover that knew how, when and where to “touch” you in a way that left you in awe and anticipation.

3. An understanding of your family’s medical history (i.e., health genetics) that enables you to take appropriate steps to preserve your well-being.

4. An emotional scar, while deeply entrenched via pain, has strengthened your character.

5. A young child, not your own, that has looked to you for support, compassion, and/or guidance.

6. Knowledge of how to cook at least one relatively complicated dish – to at least “acceptable” quality.

7. Having at least one good friend that, inevitably, makes you laugh…

8. Kept a journal or personal record of your deepest thoughts and feelings.

9. Something too expensive that you bought, not out of impulse, but because you actually deserved it.

10. Had a dream or vision of yourself so extraordinary that it actually scared you.

11. A past experience so enamoring that you’ll gladly retell it in your late years.

12. The realization that old age is inevitable, and you must have a way of funding it.

13. Knowledge of how to confront a friend or someone else close to you without losing self-control.

14. And at least one friend that, nonjudgmentally, lets you ball your eyes out.

15. An outfit so lovely that you’d unabashedly wear it in front of anyone, at any time.

16. A place you can call “your own” – one that allows you to remain in comfortable silence with your thoughts.

17. Knowing that while your parents made mistakes, they often did the best they could with what they had.

18. Memories that make you wince; ones that help you appreciate the ones that make you gleeful.

19. A routine activity that you do for you, and you alone.

20. A friend you can call at any time to help you out of a jam.

21. Accomplished something that nobody can ever take away from you, regardless of circumstance.

22. Knowing what you will and will not find personally acceptable in any relationship.

23. Having the ability to say “NO” without any further explanation.

24. A well-kept secret that immediately brings about a smile.

25. A sense of spirituality (read: not religiosity) that both nourishes and teaches.

26. A song or musical piece that brings that defines you…

27. Or makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs.

28. A “to-do” list that may or may not be completely checked off – and that’s okay.

29. A higher purpose that enables you to roll out of bed even on the toughest of days.

30. A thorough understanding of who you are as a woman – and potential implications of this knowledge.

31. Something – a piece of jewelry, a tattoo, a gift, anything – that brings about a heavy sense of sentimentality.

32. A photo album, big or small, of forever cherished memories.

33. Lost someone so deeply loved that it will forever leave a void in your soul and a hole in your heart.

34. An older woman in your life that possesses characteristics you wish to emulate.

35. A gray hair or two, or a part of your body that you’ll probably never perfect.

36. Accepting the person you see in the mirror, imperfections and all – as they’ve likely been earned over time.

37. Any hobby or interest (yes, TV splurges count) that you can get lost in for hours…and hours.

38. Had a romantic partner that, even if things didn’t quite work out, brought out your “wild side.”

39. A bit of money set aside, or enough resources in case of an emergency.

40. Realizing that 40 years old is by no means “old.” There’s a lot of living to be done, young lady.


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