4 Ways Of Flushing Gas From Your Stomach Immediately

4 Ways Of Flushing Gas From Your Stomach Immediately

According to MedicineNet, the ways to get rid of gas in your stomach are;

1. Drink warm water

Water helps in stimulating peristalsis (movement in the intestines). Drinking a cup of warm water can help relieve gas and cramps.

2. Take activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is a natural and safe treatment for excess gas and bloating. This charcoal is safe for human consumption.

When you swallow the charcoal, it attracts gas into itself, causing it to be expelled out of the body. This helps to reduce gas and bloating, as well as move any irritants out of the digestive tract.

Consume activated charcoal with many glasses of water and only use it under the supervision of a healthcare provider.

3. Try natural digestive aids

Natural digestive aids contain digestive enzymes that work in conjunction with the body’s enzymes to speed up and improve digestion.

Certain supplements may contain enzymes that help break down complex carbohydrates found in gas-producing foods.

Consult a naturopath or physician about a high-quality supplement with the right enzyme combination for your diet.

4. Take a probiotic

Probiotic supplements help you get the good bacteria your gut needs to break down food well. Probiotics can help rebalance your gut bacteria.

Probiotics can help reduce gas and relieve stomach discomfort due to excess gas. Although not all probiotics are created equal.

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