4 Things You Should Never Give A Man When Not married To him

4 Things You Should Never Give A Man When Not married To him

My recommendation to young females is to be as aware as possible in any situation you find yourself in. Don’t make the following mistake

1. Giving them excessive attention.

When you show excessive interest in a man, he will begin to believe that he is the most valuable person in the world and that he will not be able to live without him. Thus, if he cheats, he will not regret it. All he needs to do is apologize and that’s it. Women, don’t let a man take you for granted.

2. Don’t allow him to cheat you and claim your possessions.

There is a difference between love and foolishness. Be cautious about fitting in with a man. Most men today are not who they say they are, so be careful when dating to recognize that while he is not your spouse, he needs to respect your limitations and should not get too close to such things.

3. Don’t expose your intimates to others.

Many people seek out nudity, and a surprising number you may not know is that 90% of them collect it and display it to their friends. A man may ask about your nudity on social media, and after you provide him with the information, it goes viral, as has happened in many cases. Thus, when dealing with a man, do not make this mistake.

4. Don’t abandon your dreams

Just because a woman has found the love of her life does not mean that all her dreams have come true. Everyone has secret hopes, dreams and desires for the future. Some women dump their dreams just to focus on a man in the name of love. If he truly loves you, he will support and encourage you in whatever it is that you find pleasure in doing.

Source:legit.ng, ebinaija.com

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