4 Simple Adorable Ways To Make Him Obsessed With You

Getting a man’s attention is not an easy task, especially because you are scared that he might give you the cold shoulder because he’s simply not interested. He could ignore you completely or even worse, he could discard you in a very ugly way.

Although being rejected is not a positive feeling, it doesn’t mean that you are unworthy of love and no one will ever be interested in you. You can put an end to that. You can become a pro at winning a man’s heart. There is something called rules of attraction and once you understand and practice it, guys will fall for you—hard. You just have to learn a few tricks and up your game and you won’t be rejected again.

Below are mentioned 4 simple ways how you can make a man crazy about you.

1. Be yourself.

When a man doesn’t like your true self, you try to act as someone you are not. However, such relationships end as you eventually will get tired of always putting a show on. Therefore, if you want your relationship to last, you have to show who you truly are. When you don’t hide your good and bad traits, you will attract men who are meant for you.

2. Be confident.

Men like women who have enough self-esteem. However, you shouldn’t overdo it as you can appear too arrogant. You should feel good in your own skin but not to such a point that you scare people away.

3. Don’t be afraid to stand up to him.

When a man doesn’t respect your boundaries, let him know that you won’t put up with such behavior. Men like women who are not afraid to show what they are worthy of. It also shows that your respect yourself and don’t let anyone mess with you.

4. Tell him that you respect him.

Men want to be valued and respected. They want to know that they are not only important to you but also to the world in general. If you show that you respect his opinion and whatever he does, he will be attracted to you more.

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