4 Reasons Why Kissing Is Good For Your Health

4 Reasons Why Kissing Is Good For Your Health

Kissing is one of the most important ways we show our love for each other. From kissing chubby children on the cheek to our friends, pets, siblings, parents, or the mouths of our loved ones, the act shows our love for the intimacy or closeness of our hearts. It was also one of the first social integration programs to evolve.

According to Healthline, the action of aggressive lips is not only responsible for the amount of adrenaline and butterflies in your stomach, but it is also what keeps you and your spouse healthy.

Here are three health reasons why you should always kiss:

1. Lowers Anxiety

Kissing has been shown to lower the stress hormone cortisol and increase serotonin – a chemical responsible for maintaining mood balance – levels in the brain.

It has also been shown to have similar benefits to meditation, primarily through its ability to release oxytocin, also known as the “love” hormone.

Oxytocin can act as a psychological buffer and induce a sense of calm and connection in humans.

Experts say that we experience an increase in the hormone during orgasm, but kind words or a gentle touch can also raise oxytocin levels. This increases the experience of what we identify as love and trust.

2. Reduce allergic reactions

According to Medical News Today, hives and other allergic reactions caused by pollen and other household dust can be relieved especially through kissing. Because it is believed to be effective in aggravating allergic reactions, the stress-relieving effects of kissing can help reduce allergic reactions.

3. Calories are burned.

According to WebMD, if you think working out at the gym will help you burn calories, this is something you might enjoy! Depending on how much you enjoy your kiss, you can burn anywhere from 2 to 26 calories per minute. It may not be directly related to weight loss, but it will certainly keep you relaxed and stress-free, thus aiding in your remaining happiness.

4. Gives the immune system a boost

As gross as it sounds, there are over 700 types of bacteria inside your mouth right now! And when you exchange saliva with another person, you introduce your body to new bacteria that have a direct correlation to being in better health. Kiss your way to great health, girl!

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