4 Female Things That Men Just Adore

4 Feminine Things Men Just Love

We’re all used to believing that ideal female beauty for men is something akin to gorgeous lace underwear on a flawless body. But should we give men more credit? Is it possible that we are all very wrong?

1. Anger

To be honest, there is still no scientific explanation that can help us understand why men like angry women so much. But nevertheless, men like angry women and this is a fact.

Surely, each of us has heard the phrase “you are so beautiful when you are angry” at least once in our lives. We mistakenly think that a cornered man will try to calm us down when, in fact, he will try to anger us even more just so he can admire us in all our fiery beauty. Well, rough make-up sex is usually pretty good.

2. Small breasts

Contrary to popular belief, not all men dream of having their partner with a fifth size chest. Even fourth and that is too big. Most representatives of the stronger sex do not consider the principle of breast size, but its shape and elasticity.

And these parameters are often at the peak of the owners of a small bust. A small breast light and often looks attractive and smart, less flabby and keeps its shape longer.

3. Checkered Shirts

What can be sexier than a girl dressed in a plaid shirt, regardless of whether you wear it on a nude body or with a tank top. Reminiscent of a teenage romance novel, in a man’s eyes it immediately becomes such a daredevil that it’s not even against the boldest experiments in bed.

4. Glasses

The glasses, for which many of us have earned the school title of boredom and “botany” in adulthood produce the opposite effect. Behind them, a woman looks either fragile and helpless or confident and independent – both of which arouse the sexual imagination of men.


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