3-year-old big sister falls in love meeting newborn for the 1st time

Getting to meet a new sibling for the first time has to be one of the most exciting things for a kid.

And how could it not be? It’s like receiving a brand-new playmate wrapped into a teeny, adorable package!

While many parents capture their kids’ first meetings on film – sometimes, the results are just too priceless not to share with the world.

Heather Conley from Pennsylvania recently posted a video that tips the scales of cuteness overload.

It was taken the day her daughter Molly met their family’s newest addition, baby Cora.

Molly’s a blonde toddler with a cherub face. She already had an older brother – but a little sister? Just think of all the possibilities!

The video was captured when Heather was still in the hospital after welcoming Cora into the world.

It was the very first time Molly got to wrap her arms around her new sibling – and it’s easy to see, she couldn’t be happier.

Right away she pets her gently and offers her snuggles.

A few moments in it’s as if Molly can’t resist. She gives her baby sister a great big hug.

The look on her face says it all. She was probably looking forward to Cora’s arrival like a kid that counts down the days to Christmas (but this gift was way better).

After Molly’s hug, Cora makes a tiny movement in response. The toddler looks at her in surprise – probably thinking, ‘What? She really moves?’

Cora’s all wrapped up in a blanket and looks like a precious doll. That’s why it’s gotta be extra amazing for a toddler – it’d be as if one of their toys came to life!

She bursts out into a giggle and goes back in for some more hugs.

It was time for a sisterly chat.

Since Molly was the big sister she holds the newborn tight and tells her,

“You just came out of Mom’s belly, I won’t drop you … I won’t let you go anymore.”

Even mom knew at that point that she had caught the most aww-worthy moment. Watching the two together simply melts your heart into a puddle.

You can tell they’re gonna be best-buds for life.

So… when can we start dressing her up?

In the video, Molly plants more kisses on her new playmate. But then she stops and asks, “Is baby gonna want to take her hat off?”

Oh, this kid is gonna have many fun days ahead! Baby dolls are great and all – but there’s a lot more you can do with a real one!

Heather shared the sweet clip of her daughters online, along with the caption:

“Molly meeting her little sister Cora for the first time – best friend already!”

Naturally, anyone who saw the video fell in love, which is why Heather decided to make it public. It’s been watched more than 58,000 times in just a few weeks, and has gathered beautiful comments too.

A woman named Angela posted:

“True joy and love all in one precious little video. I am definitely sharing. How smart that little lady is…honestly making the deliberate attempt again and again to be so gentle. This is precious!!”

Facebook user Dalma wrote:

“The world needs to watch this over and over💕💕💕

If you’re needing a dose of the warm and fuzzies, look no further. Press play below to see Molly’s reaction to her baby sister Cora!

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