3-year-old baby waited for nearly 3 hours in deserted corridor while her mom was in exam room

Recently, the story of a mother and her daughter from China has been widely shared by the online community and touched many people.

The incident took place in Jinhua, Zhejiang, China. Accordingly, this single mom brought her baby to participate in the exam. It was Sunday so the baby coudn’t go to the kinderggarten. The mother could not ask someone to look after her child so the only choice was bringing baby along with her. The child would have to wait until her mom finished the exam.

Photo source: Sohu

The exam lasted for 2.5 hours and that was also the time when the little daugher had to sit alone outside the long, deserted corridor.

Although the little girl was just 3 years old, she was very obedient and didn’t cry. She also didn’t make noise or entered the exam room without permission.

However, because of having to wait too long, the little baby seemed so exhausted and bored that she felt asleep on a chair outside her mother’s exam room.

Photo source: Sohu

After the photos went viral online, many people complimented on the obedient girl and claimed that her mother had a good child education method. While many other people showed their worries about the little girl’s safety when she sat alone along the corridor. There were also many netizens who felt sorry for this single mom and her baby.

How about you? How do you feel?

Reference: Eva.vn

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