3 Things That Weaken Your Bone As You Grow Older and Foods To Eat To Prevent It

3 Things That Weaken Your Bone As You Grow Older and Foods To Eat To Prevent It

Aging is characterized by a significant mineral decrease in the vertebra, which causes the bones to become thinner, hence leading to bone weakness. When not properly treated, this could result in osteoporosis. Medical experts have proven that certain lifestyle habits can increase the risk of bone weakness in older people. In this article, I will be showing you three things that debilitate the bones and foods that can help to protect it, as sourced from WebMD.

Below are three things that weaken your bones as you advance in age.

1. Staying indoors always.

Maybe you need to get out more. Exposing your skin to sunlight helps in the production of vitamin D which functions to keep the bone healthy. Elderly people are advised to spend 10-15 minutes in sunlight daily as this provides the skin with vitamin D. However, it is also important to note that spending too much time in the sun can be bad for your health, so don’t overdo it.

2. Consuming too much salt.

The more salt you consume, the more calcium you lose. Sodium is known to cause excessive excretion of calcium through the kidneys. For optimal bone health, the body requires a certain sodium-to-potassium ratio. When sodium intake rises, there will be an imbalance of too much sodium and not enough potassium. Osteoporosis develops as a result of this progressive bone loss. Limiting salty foods and opting for foods that are free of or low in added salt can be beneficial for bone health.

3. Smoking.

When you regularly inhale cigarette smoke, your body can’t form new healthy bone tissue as easily. The longer you smoke, the worse it gets.

Smokers have a greater chance of breaks and take longer to heal. But if you quit, you can lower these risks and improve your bone health, though it might take several years.

Below are some foods that can help to prevent bone weakness in the elderly.

1. Fish.

Oily fishes like salmon are notable for their high vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acid content, which helps to improve bone health. Incorporating fishes in your diet will go a long way to safeguard your bones and improve your overall health.

2. Sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes are loaded with magnesium and potassium. The presence of magnesium in the body enhances bone density, while potassium on the other hand reduces the loss of bone-strengthening minerals like calcium and phosphorus. The nutrients in sweet potatoes makes it very good for the body; hence older people are advised to incorporate it in their diet.

3. Green vegetables.

Vegetables like kale and collard greens are excellent sources of vitamin K and calcium (two nutrients which play a significant role in improving bone health).

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