3 things a lady may do when she wants to break up with her man

3 things a lady can do when she wants to break up with her man

Every relationship is bound up with love and love being a strong feeling of affection towards a person or an object can lose its potency when the feeling is no longer there. No true relationship can exist without love. Every relationship works when both parties love each other and are willing to go all the way to express it.

However, as sweet as love can be, sometimes things simply turn sour when the feelings are not what they used to be. Many things can cause a girl to want to break up with her man. In this article, we will look at 3 bad things that a lady will intentionally do when she wants to break up with her man. When a lady is no longer interested in the relationship and wants to leave, she will;

1. Avoid her man.

This includes avoiding his phone calls, making excuses why you can’t be together, refusing to answer his messages, getting easily irritated whenever you are together. She can go as far as not visiting her man and avoiding receiving him. If a lady suddenly stops visiting her man for a long time and avoids the man visiting her as well, then the sign is simply too clear. She is no longer interested in that relationship.

2. Holding grudges for a long period of time.

When a lady is angry about something, she may tend to stay angry for a while so that her man can come and apologize and he does, she will stop holding a grudge. But if she continues to hold it for a long period of time, it can only mean that she wants out of the relationship.

3. Deny her access to his body.

One of the sure signs that a lady loves her man is to allow him full access to her body at all times. She does this to show him that she truly cares, and also to make him happy, but when a lady starts to deny her man access to her body, or avoids getting intimate with him, then she is indirectly saying that she is no longer interested in the relationship. Some go so far as to cheat on their man just to prove a point.

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