3 overriding needs that men want from the woman they love

3 overriding needs that men want from the woman they love

1. Show Him Respect

The main ways to show your man respect are in the way you interact with him.

– Don’t talk down to him.
– Don’t make him feel inferior.
– Avoid criticism at all costs

Criticism makes him feel as though you have no respect for him and are looking down on him. It can lead to him having negative feelings about you and your relationship.

Women all complain that sometimes it is so hard to get him to do a chore or something they want to be done which is usually a sign that he really doesn’t want to do the job. What choices do women have that don’t involve nagging?

There are three choices.

– Make him an offer he can’t refuse,
– Do it yourself without holding a grudge (which may be easier said than done), or
– Hire someone else to do it

2. Admiration

Think back to when you first started dating. When was the first time you paid your man a compliment? Flirted with him? Now think when was the last time you let him know that you still think that he is so handsome?

Do you currently engage in a little active flirting when you’re out in public, riding in the car, through text messages at the office? Little things like this make a huge difference to the man in your life and in your relationship.

3. Loyalty

There is no bigger relationship kil..ler than your man doubting your loyalty to him. Two major things you must not do:

– Don’t attempt to make him jealous by flirting with any other guys. It will backfire on you every time.
– Don’t let him overhear you talking negatively about him to anyone.

Show your loyalty to him at all times and you can expect to receive the same loyalty from him.

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