26-Year-Old Says Goodbye To His Life After Tooth Infection Spreads To His Lungs. This Is A Lesson For You

Oral hygiene is among the most important factors contributing to a person’s overall health.

It is normal to visit the dentists once per year, but more frequent appointments are always a good idea.

Only seeking medical attention when there is pain or issues is not enough

Vadim Anatoliyevich Kondratyuk, a father to two beautiful children, works as a truck driver.

During a routine drive to New York State last week, the father of two suffered a painful toothache, which prompted him to visit a dentist in the state of Oklahoma.

The dentist didn’t seem too concerned about Vadim’s oral health.

There was an infection in the 26-year-old’s teeth, but the dentist was able to clean it out and provided Vadim with some antibiotics.

Unfortunately, his condition continued to get worse when he entered New York.

The medication didn’t seem to be helping at all as the pain was back and caused intense swelling on his face. Vadim’s brother decided to take him back home.

The two brothers ended up stopping at a hospital in Utah. Vadim’s pain had become unbearable and he heard the bad news from doctors.

The tooth infection had started to spread to the rest of his body. The infection was already impacting Vadim’s lungs, making it hard for him to breath.

The antibiotics that the doctors had prescribed to Vadim weren’t strong enough to eliminate the infection.

The doctors in Utah tried stronger antibiotics with the same results. Eventually the infection spread to Vadim’s heart.

Sadly, he passed away shortly after. Vadim’s wife Nataliya gave an emotional interview to FOX 40.

According to Nataliya, the doctor’s had told her which night would most likely be his last.

The infection had spawned bacteria that had spread too deep into this lungs. It wasn’t possible to clean out.

In spite of being a diabetic, Vadim was a very healthy person. The toothache seemed to be a random and uncharacteristic incident.

Nataliya thanked all of her husband’s friends who were attentive during the entire ordeal.

Additionally, she expressed gratitude to Vadim’s brother who drove him to the hospital. Nataliya also thanked everyone for their p-r-a-y-e-r-s.

The family set up a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for their living expenses and the funeral.

Source: https://www.relayhero.com/husband-passes-away-toothache-2/

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