2 Sleeping Positions Linked To Heart Failure

2 Sleeping Positions Linked To Heart Failure

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There are things we need to understand about sleeping positions to prevent or survive heart failure. You may be doing everything in your power to prevent heart failure, but you’ve never considered how your sleeping position can also help.

According to Healthline, there are different sleeping positions with different advantages and disadvantages. Whenever you are trying to sleep, here are the sleep positions you should consider to prevent heart failure:

1. A study reveals that lying on our left side when we sleep can put pressure on our hearts.

The researchers first noted that side sleeping caused noticeable changes in the electrical activity of the heart as measured with an electrocardiogram (ECG). The researchers found a more noticeable effect when participants were lying on their left side.

In a more recent 2018 study from Trusted Source, researchers also found that sleeping on the left side was associated with changes in ECG readings in healthy participants. Using a type of imaging technique called vectorcardiography, they found that sleeping on the left side caused the heart to shift and turn. Changes in electrical activity were attributed to this movement of the heart.

When the participants slept on their right side, almost no change in ECG activity was found. The researchers found that in this position, the heart was held in place by the thin layer of tissue between the lungs called the mediastinum.

Those who suffer from congestive heart failure may have trouble breathing very well when they sleep on their left side. However, people who do not have any symptoms of heart disease can sleep on their left side.

2. Medical experts believe that if you sleep on your right side, you can put pressure on the two large veins that send blood with little oxygen to the right side of your heart.

However, at this time, there is no evidence that sleeping on your right side increases the risk of developing heart failure, and it seems to be safe.

You can sleep on your right side if you do not have any heart disorders. However, people who have a heart muscle disorder should consider lying on their right. This will help them sleep better.

Source: healthline.com, ng.opera.news

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