15 Signs That Your Man Genuinely Respects You

Being in a relationship and feeling loved is one of the most exciting things in the world. However, you may still have some doubts from time to time whether your partner truly cares about you or he is just using you for his own needs.

Thus, below is a list of 15 things which only men who truly care about and respect their partners do.

1. When he introduces you to someone, he makes you look as the most perfect woman. He talks a lot about your achievements and what a great person you are because he truly appreciates you.

2. He is attracted to you and you can clearly notice that. Whenever you have dinner with friends or family you notice him looking at you and giving you a smile that he only keeps for you.

3. He asks your opinion about things which you know more than he does. He asks you questions because he treats you as a smart human being and he respects your opinion.

4. He will never be arrogant when you ask him something from his area of expertise. He will neither act pompous because he would be very happy to share his knowledge with you.

5. He doesn’t think your struggles are your weaknesses. He is pleased to help you deal with challenges life throws at you.

6. He will always feel happy when he manages to prove you wrong because he will try to make you be right 80% of the time.

7. He will always support you and will encourage you about all your goals. He knows how important that is for you and he will be there next to you all the way.

8. He will be more into giving you a better ᴏʀɢᴀsᴍ than giving one to himself.

9. He will focus more on your pleasure in your bedroom instead of just doing things he likes.

10. He will let you know he is a little jealous if you start talking about someone else. This doesn’t mean he does not trust you, he is just scared of losing you.

11. He will give you his honest opinion about an outfit he does not thing is flattering to you. However, he will never do it in a way to offend you.

12. He will always remind you how much he loves you and that you are his other half.

13. He uses a lot of words when he wants to give you compliments. This does not mean he is trying too hard; he wants to show you how he truly feels.

14. He will always be willing to hear your opinion about everything he does such as his outfit or his career strategy and even small talk about celebrity gossip.

15. He would rather help you around the home instead of watching TV. He will support you and be there no matter what you do.

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