14 original and ingenious uses that you did not know you could make with ground coffee

14 original and ingenious uses that you did not know you could make with ground coffee

Coffee is the favorite drink for millions of people. Especially in the morning.

It gives us the feeling of awakeness that we need so much at the beginning of the day, a feeling that many of us don’t know how they would function without it. Well, it turns out that coffee has other advantages aside of spurring us in the morning. Take the ground coffee for example. Most people toss the ground coffee in the bin after use. But it turns out that there are important uses for the remains of ground coffee.

1. Fertilizer

Ground coffee is used as a wonderful fertilizer. Rich in nutrients, it contains nitrogen, potassium, and phosphates, all excellent for plants.
What’s more, coffee grounds help attract worms, which are great for your garden.

To use coffee grounds as fertilizer, simply sprinkle them onto the soil surrounding your plants.

2. Cure for cellulite

Cellulite is a condition that gives the skin a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It affects 80–90% of adult women .

It occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissue under your skin and is commonly seen in the buttocks and thighs.

When caffeine such as that in coffee grounds is applied topically, it may help break down this fat and increase blood flow to the area, thus decreasing the appearance of cellulite.

Simply mix grounds with water or coconut oil and scrub for 10 minutes twice weekly on any areas affected by cellulite.

3. Compost

Ground coffee can be used as an excellent compost. If you have a compost container in the garden, you must include the ground coffee that you planned to throw in the trash with it. Worms are important for compost and ground coffee can attract these worms.

4. Prevents snails

Snails hate ground coffee! So if you have a snails problem in the garden, just sprinkle ground coffee, thus avoiding the snails invasion to your vegetables.

5. Prevents ants

Just like preventing snails, ground coffee is effective in preventing ants. It turns out that the smell of the coffee is so strong that it makes the ants go away from the place.

6. Prevents wasps

You can prevent wasps from flying near your house, but this time you’ll have to do things a little differently. Take the ground coffee and place it in a fireproof jar. Then turn on the coffee with a lighter or a match. The smell would keep the wasps away.

7. Prevents cats

Believe it or not, but you can use ground coffee to keep cats away. Just sprinkle ground coffee around your house, and the cats will not come near.

8. Soap

You can use ground coffee as a kind of soap because it has the effect of strengthening and peeling the skin (we are not sure about the smell).

9. In the refrigerator

Are you familiar with opening the refrigerator and how it stinks of all the food or vegetables? Well, put a cup of ground coffee in the fridge, and the smell will disappear!

10. Cleaning

Ground coffee has a wonderful cleaning effect, making it perfect for cleaning pans and pots. Rub them with ground coffee, and it will eliminate the stains and dirt – and without the chemicals in the detergent you use on a daily basis.

11. For hair

You can make your own ground coffee conditioner that will give special shine to your hair. It usually works only on dark hair.

12. Bags under the eyes

Here is another tip of beauty with ground coffee. Make a mixture of ground coffee with olive oil and now you have the perfect solution to get rid of these bags you have under your eyes.

13. Barbecue dirt

Everyone likes barbecue, but nobody likes to clean the grill. Just put some ground coffee and hot water on the sponge, rub the usual, and the dirt will drop easily.

14. Flea prevention

Fleas are a common problem in household pets, and treating them can be costly and time-consuming (10).

There are several flea-removal products on the market, but many contain harsh chemicals and can produce unwanted side effects.

Luckily, fleas don’t seem to like coffee, and you may want to consider coffee grounds as a natural treatment.

Simply rub the grounds throughout your pet’s fur after shampooing. Then rinse them off and allow your pet to dry as usual.

Some say doing this may also add smoothness and shine to your pet’s coat, but there is little to no research to support either of these claims.

However, coffee grounds may be less effective than a prescription product, so if your pet has fleas and this treatment does not work, you may want to contact a vet to discuss alternative options.

Also, coffee grounds should only be used externally. They can be toxic to dogs if consumed.


Source:healthline.com, veer.li

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