13-YO girl’s belly “covered with stretch marks”, what doctors takes from her belly makes her parents regret

Seeing her daughter’s condition, the mother was heartbroken, regretting not having paid attention to her daughter sooner.
According to a report by the Shenzhen Health Commission (China), recently, a 13-year-old girl was urgently hospitalized with a bloated abdomen, surrounded by stretch marks and suspected of being in pregnancy period. The doctors’s diagnosis report then shocked the girld’s family.
Seeing her condition, the doctor immediately asked the girl’s mother: “Is the child’s menstrual period normal? Has it been regular lately?”, “Is her stomach always like this, or has it been like this recently?”
The doctor’s question made the mother worried and confused. Before taking her daughter to the hospital, she only felt that her daughter was drinking too much milk tea, leading her continuos weight gain and swelled belly. At that time, the 13-year-old child weighed more than 72 kg.

Source: Shenzhen Health Commission

The girl’s belly not only grew, but also gradually had obvious stretch marks, like the belly of a pregnant woman. The mother at this time did not pay much attention until one day her daughter suddenly had a severe stomachache during toilet time.
The pain lasted all night and didn’t relieve even when she took medicine prescribed by the clinic. Seeing that the daughte’s condition was too serious, the mother rushed to take her child to a nearby community hospital for emergency.

The doctor’s initial diagnosis said: “There is something in the baby’s stomach, which may be more serious than the twins.”. The doctor suggested that the family take the 13-yo patient to a larger hospital for further check as soon as possible.

After being transferred to the hospital and having a CT scan, the results showed that the girl was not pregnant, but inside her abdomen was a giant ovarian cyst.

After further check, the truth was finally revealed. Accordingly, there was a huge cyst of about 40cm*30cm*20cm in the girl’s abdominal cavity. It’s like having a powerful “bomb”. Not only may it explode at any time, but it also presses on the internal organs and intestines, causing the patient to have abdominal pain, vomiting, and poor breathing. If it is not treated in time, intestinal necrosis may occur, which may be life-threatening.

The operation immediately started. While drawing fluid, the doctors closely observed the child’s survival signs to be ready for emergency at any time.

After more than an hour, the dark green sac fluid was drawn out, and a total of 16,000 ml of sac fluid was drawn out. After that, the doctor removed the cyst again, and the “bomb disposal” was finally completed after 3 hours. After removing the “bomb”, Xiaoxue was relaxed, weighing only 57.5 kg, which is 15 kg lighter than before the operation. After the operation, the girl recovered well with all indicators being normal, and was discharged from the hospital a week later.

The doctors said that ovarian cysts can be recruited at any age. He suggested that parents can occasionally touch the child’s stomach when the child is sleeping or quiet, and check whether there are any “abnormal masses”. If they find abnormalities such as bloating, sudden abdominal pain, sudden weight gain or sudden weight loss, Seek medical attention in time and don’t take it lightly.

Source: Ettoday.net

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