13-year-old girl shows off her baby bump after getting pregnant with 10-year-old boyfriend’s child

13-year-old girl shows off her baby bump after getting pregnant with 10-year-old boyfriend’s child

A RUSSIAN schoolgirl who claims she was impregnated by a pre-pubescent ten-year-old has proudly shown off her baby bump.

The pregnant 13-year-old, from the town of Zheleznogorsk, shocked the world after she appeared on a Russian TV show claiming the father of her child was a 10-year-old boy, Ivan.

Her story has garnered a lot of attention, which led to her gaining thousands of followers.

Daria and her 10-year-old boyfriend Ivan became famous after appearing on a Russian TV show, where a Russian doctor made some shocking comments.

Medical expert Dr Evgeny Grekov who examined him said: “There cannot be sperm cells. He is still a child.”

The urology and andrology expert said: “We rechecked the laboratory results three times so there cannot be any mistake.”

The male neighbour in his 40s said: ‘Obviously, someone else did this. They just want to hang it on the boy now.’

However the girl has insisted she had no other partner – and she is believed by a psychologist in Russia.

But Darya denied this and revealed she and Ivan had sex at his home when his mother was away.

Darya posted pictures and a video showing herself 20 weeks pregnant.

Even though there were doubts over the young couple’s relationship, they are said to be friends from a really young age.

The boy – who gave her roses when they started dating – was asked by famous Russian presenter Andrey Malakhov when he realised that ‘when you kissed Dasha and so on, that it could lead to such consequences?’

He replied: ‘I did not think about this. Darya has never been with another man. I know that for sure. I am the father of her baby.’

Ivan was asked if the child could be someone else’s he said: ‘This cannot be.’

The girl and her mother want to keep the baby but it is too early in the pregnancy for a DNA check on the child, which will be completed later.

Soon after beginning their sex life, Darya said she felt sick and started suffering from constant nausea and vomiting.

Darya’s mother Elena, 35, took her to hospital for examinations but doctors failed to find the cause of her ‘illness’.

Finally, Elena bought a pregnancy test kit and taught her daughter how to use it.

Elena, who was also participating in the show, said: ‘The test showed that Darya was pregnant. After that, she confessed to having sex with Vanya. I was in shock. I could not say a word.

The pregnant girl is planning on keeping the child and has the full support of her family, according to TBK.

Both mothers have agreed to help their kids raise the child together.

Source:dailymail.co.uk, the-sun.com, explore.newsner.com

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