13-year-old boy desperately needs a kidney after dad murders mom who was to donate hers

So many of us live our lives everyday without stopping to think how truly lucky we are.

The truth of the matter is that some don’t have such luxury; they face trials and tribulations beyond what others can comprehend.

One young boy, Kincaid Eaker, knows exactly what this is like. The 13-year-old was born with a chronic kidney disorder known as polycystic kidney disease. It’s genetic, and means that his kidney only functions at 14 percent of what it should.

Kincaid’s only answer is a kidney transplant, which he was due to get from his mother, who was a match. Tragically, however, she was murdered on December 17, 2016 … by her own husband.

According to reports, Audra Eaker was shot by Kincaid’s father, Darrell Eaker, after leaving a Christmas party in 2016.

The bullet that killed her not only robbed Kincaid of his mom, but also of the kidney that was set to save his life.

Darrell was sentenced to life in prison without parole, plus a further 16 years. Kincaid and his adopted sister, Olivia, now live with their loving grandparents in Tennessee, though Kincaid’s battle continues.

The teenager has survived thus far through continued medical support, medication and lots of trips to the hospital, but is on the transplant waiting list. Doctors are optimistic Kincaid can go into surgery as early as Christmas, but they still need to find a matching donor.

One of Kincaid’s mom’s old best friends, Brandy Love, has established a GoFundMe page to help the boy find his kidney.

On the page, she wrote: “I  guess my plea to you is to consider getting tested for organ donation for Kincaid. The waiting list is very long for a deceased donor. The success rate for a live donor is so much better and faster.

“I feel that with the passing of my best friend this is what I can do to honor her life.”

Wow, this little boy’s already been through so much more than any child should. I hope Kincaid gets his kidney soon!

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