12 Things You Can Do When Your Partner Suffers Anxiety

Anxiety is a very real issue for many people and it can put strains on a relationship if you do not know how to best handle it. Here are 12 suggestions to help you manage and also support the person who love who suffers with anxiety.

1. Recognize their positive aspects

A person suffering from anxiety will mostly focus on their negative aspects. However, you have to recognize their positive sides and also carefully let them know the same. You must always appreciate all the good things that they do for you.

2. Don’t Take It Personally

Remember this isn’t about you, and the person you love needs your support when things are tough. Rather than get offended or upset when your partner is struggling, try to see past yourself so you can be loving and helpful rather than make the situation worse for the both of you.

3. Don’t pressurize your partner

Always remember that anxiety itself is exhausting. Consequently, things which seem ordinary to you might not be the same for your partner. Don’t pressurize them and let them take things easily, at their own pace.

4. Take Time To Listen

Sometimes this is the best thing you can do. Just listen. Connect with them, be there to support. You don’t have to have all the answers, just being supportive can be a big help.

5. Don’t cramp them for space

Anxiety makes a person super alert about everything happening around them. Moreover, they are in a fragile state and can break easily. You have to let them be on their own and give them enough space.

6. Be considerate

Understand that it is very difficult to suffer from anxiety. Always try to put yourself in their shoes and be considerate about their feelings.

7. Never Ask If They Are Okay, When It’s Obvious They Are Not

This goes back to giving them space. When it is obvious they are in a tough place, don’t make it worse by badgering them. Give your loved one time to work through the anxiety without you pestering them. Even though you may have the best intentions, by hyper focusing on them when they are in a tough spot you can make them even more uncomfortable.

8. Always support them

Leaving them alone doesn’t obviously mean that you’ll desert your partner. Rather, you’ll have to be by their side and support them more than ever. Recognize your partner’s love for you and they will do the same.

9. Know And Support Them Trying To Change

We all resist change, but for someone with anxiety it is even harder. Going out of their comfort zone is something that puts undue stress on a person with anxiety and this can be hard for those around them. This is when you can be supportive and encouraging for your loved one, even celebrating the smallest victories of positive change.

10. Acknowledge their efforts

More than anybody else, your partner is trying to make their situation better. However, change is never easy and takes time. Appreciate their efforts in their journey towards change.

11. Always Be Honest and Make Sure They Can Trust You

Someone with anxiety does not need undue stress and worry by about not being able to trust you. Make sure you are always upfront and honest and your motives are in the right place.

12. Love Them More

What a better way to build a stronger loving relationship than surviving a challenging time together as a team. If you can love someone at their worst, imagine how good it will be when they are at their best! Always be loving and kind to your partner and your love will grow. They will also deeply appreciate your sincere effort and caring and this can open their hearts more for you.

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