12 Things That Are More Important Than Love In A Relationship

It’s so easy to get caught up in strong feelings for another person. Love is a potent cocktail of emotions, after all, and it can start to seem like it’s all that really matters. But experts agree there are quite a few things more important in a relationship than love. And keeping those things in mind, while moving forward as a couple, is essential.

1. Trust

One of the most important parts of a relationship is to trust one another completely. You have to be able to trust that they won’t stray and you trust them with your feelings. You have to trust each other enough to be vulnerable on an emotional and physical level, too. A trusting relationship isn’t built overnight though, it takes time to grow.
If you’re at the beginning of a relationship and the trust isn’t all there, give it time to grow. But if you’re in a long-term relationship and still don’t trust your partner, it’s not a good sign.

2. Mutual Respect

This one should go without saying, but every healthy relationship should be built upon mutual respect. One of the most important things a couple can have is respect for one another’s differences, preferences, and opinions. Without it, a relationship will never last because either one or both of you can inevitably do better.

3. Communication

Communication, communication, communication. This is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, but so many couples struggle with it. There are many things in a relationship you can solve with effective communication. You need it to set boundaries, to solve problems, express feelings, and more. There are some aspects of a relationship that some people can find hard to talk about, like sex for example. But proper communication allows you to identify problems and come up with solutions.

4. Honesty

Being truthful and honest is major when it comes to relationships. A relationship built on false hope and white lies will only crumble in the end, no matter how much you love the other person. Being honest leads to good communication, which can strengthen many aspects of a relationship.

5. Vulnerability

Speaking of vulnerability, that’s the next one on this list. Vulnerability is important in a relationship and it’s beautiful with the right partner. Opening up to your partner without fear of judgment is amazing. They get to know you better and it can strengthen your relationship. If you don’t allow vulnerability, your relationship will suffer. Your partner may feel that you don’t trust them enough to let them in. They may feel shut out and that can be hurtful if they’re vulnerable with you. Don’t bottle it up. Open up and let vulnerability transform your relationship!

6. Affection

The honeymoon phase of not being able to keep your hands off each other will naturally fade over time. But that shouldn’t mean that affection should be completely forgotten. Verbal and physical reminders, such as saying “I love you” and touching when speaking, reinforce your connection.

7. Forgiveness

There’s always going to be things you both do that piss each other off. People make mistakes. But as long as you can let the little things go, and be willing to leave old grudges behind, you’ll have a good chance of going the distance together. One the golden rules of a relationship— pick your battles.

8. Loyalty

A huge pillar of a successful relationship is having loyalty to your partner. You need to be loyal to them and only them as your romantic partner. Unless you’ve both agreed and set boundaries to an open relationship, it’s non-negotiable. If you can’t stay loyal and faithful to your partner, then ask yourself why you’re with them. Your commitment is paramount and you could cause a lot of pain to them if you’re unfaithful. If you can’t be loyal to your partner, it’s kinder to end the relationship instead of hurting them further.

9. Partnership

Your significant other is your partner in life and, therefore, your greatest support system. You’ll be much more successful by working with and not against them. You both need to come together as a team. If you’re not a team and you don’t have equality, it can make you unhappy enough to spoil the relationship, whether there’s great love or not.

10. Intimacy

Intimacy is not only limited to s3x, although s3x does play a crucial role in relationship success. It comes in layers, becoming more authentic and sweeter with time and care. Intimacy requires a deeper understanding of each other that’s far more significant than physical attraction.

11. Support

You should always be each other’s biggest cheerleader. Encourage your partner to go after what they want and ensure them that you’ll be by their side no matter the result. By being excited about each other’s achievements and celebrating even the little things, both parties benefit from a supportive relationship.

12. Safety

Are you safe in your relationship? If the answer is “no,” then it doesn’t matter even a little bit how much you love the person. The love may make it harder to leave, and harder to stay away, and that’s a real struggle. But love itself won’t make a partner who is abusing you stop. If you don’t feel safe with your significant other then you are not in the right relationship.

Sources: ourrelationship.com, bustle.com

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