12 Things Only Short Girls Who Have Much Taller Boyfriends Can Do

While all these things are great and funny, you know that your S.O. and you would still love each other no matter what height you each were.
Being a short person is hard because you can’t reach things, people use you as arm rests, and everyone calls you cute then proceeds to pick you up. #donttouchme

Being short has it disadvantages, for sure, but there are a few things it’s good for. Like when dating someone tall, you have all these cute quirks that people just think are adorable (and you do too). So, without further ado, here are 12 things that all short girls do while having a tall boyfriend (or girlfriend).

1. You feel safe when you’re with him

Especially in crowded places. His tall build means he’s able to see everything and everyone around him (when you can’t), so you never have to worry about some perv sneaking his way towards you or anyone unwelcome touching you for that matter.

2. When he hugs you, he envelops you with love.

Those big arms and face planting his chest just makes everything feel right in the world. His hugs shut out everything and it’s comforting. His tall hugs that press your check into his chest make you feel more safe and loved that you could’ve ever imagined. You love listening to his heart beat steadily against your cheek and you think about how much you truly love this person.

3. He can spot you from a mile away when you’re with him

He’s become a beacon signalling your location. When you’re dating a tall guy, naturally, when you’re in a crowded place, your friends look out for you instead of it being the other way around.

4. You fit perfectly into his arms

The world just fades away (or gets blocked by him) as you stand there with his arms wrapped around you and your head pressed against his chest.

5. He reaches the tall things for you.

You never want to admit you need help and you rarely do because all short girls mastered climbing counters and other stable (totally not stable) objects by the time they were in high school but sometimes it’s inevitable. You also need help with pickle jars because they get you every time but that’s a strong guy thing, not a tall guy thing. I always mumble a “thank you” and then promptly say I could totally have done it myself, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

6. He comes in handy on a sunny day

Good news, girls! You no longer have to throw on your shades or use your hands as a shield to protect yourself from the sun. Your man is your personal shade with that tall build of his.

7. You never think twice about wearing heels

Even if you wear a ten-inch pair of heels, you’d still be shorter than him. I mean, that’s a good thing, right?

8. When it rains, you never get wet because he shields you from most of the rain

As a petite girl, rain tends to splash around you even if you’re holding an umbrella. Don’t ask why, that’s just how it is. And that’s when your tall guy comes in handy. Due to his long ass arms, he’s able to hold the umbrella much higher, protecting you from most of the rain. And chances are, he’d rather get wet than allow the rain to even touch you.

9. A solid 70% of the time, you can’t hear what he’s saying

When you both talk while standing up, there are a lot of “huh”s and “what did you say”s between the two of you. You can’t hear what’s going on up there and he can’t hear what’s going on down here, at your level, which can be annoying. Compromising is key and good communication between the both of you has a lot to do with the angling of your heads.

10. Spooning is the best.

Being the little spoon is one of the best feelings on Earth. You have all the cuddles and heat of the person you love so much radiating behind you, creating a pocket of love and comfort. It’s honestly one of the best feelings you have ever experienced.

12. Trying to take a half decent photo takes forever

Whenever you both try to take a photo, it’s usually goes like this: He tries snapping a shot only to realize that he’s too tall or that he’s caught you in a terrible angle. So, you decide to take the photo instead. But when you try, you can only hold the phone/camera so far (#shortarmproblems), and you barely fit both your faces inside the photo. So, finally, he hunches over and you tiptoe. Sound familiar? Tall Boyfriend

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