12 sad signs that indicate you aren’t special for your partner anymore

Do you feel like there’s no chemistry between you and your partner anymore? Did your relationship lose that sparkle or you just feel that there’s just something wrong about your relationship? That all could be due to the fact that your partner has stopped loving you.

Here are 12 sad signs that indicate you are not your partner’s special one anymore

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1. Doesn’t show affection anymore

When your partner stops showing his love and affection to you or perhaps starts to avoid you somehow, it should be an eye opener kind of thing for you. You should know why there is a sudden change in his feeling and what exactly is the reason behind it. This clearly tells that he no craves for your love like he used to. Or maybe he is already seeing someone else. Love is the key in every relationship to keep it going or else it loses its meaning entirely. If the relationship lacks love and emotions then it’s much better to let it go and move on.

2. Not Trusting You

If they stopped trusting every word you say, they stopped loving you as well. When your partner doubts your intentions, that’s always a sign they aren’t into you anymore.

3. Not Supporting You

If your partner has become abusive and even on little things, he has started making a big deal out of it. He doesn’t support you in your decisions and treats you poorly. Also, he never seems to be satisfied with you than it is clearly visible that this relationship won’t be able to work no matter what. You just take a big step back and live your life.

4. Disrespecting you

The times you spent together, those golden memories mean nothing to them anymore and has lost its essence. And they don’t give a damn about anything or even you. It is time to save yourself. A relation is worthless if all the emotions are dead AF… You’d be a fool if you continue being stuck in such a meaningless and tormenting relationship where the other person doesn’t even respect you.

5. Focus is somewhere else

If random people become more important to your partner all of a sudden, then your partner doesn’t find you important anymore.

Partners sometimes deliberately put the focus on other people instead of focusing on you to show you how much they find you unimportant.

6. The blame is on you

Do they start blaming you for every damn thing? It doesn’t matter what the reason is, if this is becoming a routine it’s quite clear that your partner doesn’t value you anymore. If you are wise enough, you’ll detach yourself from them and would want to live with respect and dignity intact.

7. Talk less

Healthy communication is a key to a good and loving relationship. If you start to talk less with your partner, it can create a lot of misunderstandings. It could also become your worst nightmare, resulting in a distance between the two of you. Again ending the relationship would be the best option to save you from more torture.

8. Justifies their unavailability

At the beginning of the relationship, your partner used to be there for you every time and anytime – it didn’t matter. Then all of a sudden they started to be so busy that they had to come with different excuses for not showing up or perhaps not being around even for days. There are chances that they might have lost interest in you and are probably seeing someone else side by side, or maybe they are actually busy. When this happens, what you need to do is to confront them. If you don’t get a positive response, you better be prepared to move ahead. Don’t stop to waste your time with them.

9. Avoiding Explanations

If they don’t feel like giving you important explanations, such as where are they going, what will they do, etc., they think you aren’t worth knowing that things. You aren’t a part of their life anymore and you don’t have to know things about them anymore.

10. You Aren’t In Their Plans

If you no longer are part of their future plans – be it long term or something like a weekend out or go to meet your family – it is serious. Maybe they have changed, or it’s as simple as that you are no longer part of their plans. It’s about time you start making your own and get out of such a relationship.

11. Demand some space

If they are spending more time on their own and especially demand to be left alone, it apparently means that your company has no meaning to them. It’s no longer as important like it used to be. If such demands are consistent, then it’s time for both of you to part ways. Try once, try twice, try thrice and if you don’t get any response then you need to move on there is nothing worth staying for.

12. Not Spending Time With You

In the beginning of your relationship, they were always there for you, but now they can’t even find an hour to spend with you.

This means that they aren’t into you anymore. They probably found someone else to spend hours with of quality time.

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