12 Obvious Signs That He Doesn’t Love You. You’re Being Used For Pleasure

When you really love a guy, you don’t always see the things happening in front of you. When it comes to love, you’ll be surprised by the things you ignore or simply don’t see. If you’re secretly wondering “is he using me?” that’s the first red flag right there.

If you feel something is off, you’re probably right. After all, you have your intuition working for you.

We’re big romantics and you should be too, so don’t let this deter you from finding love. You’ll encounter a bunch of different men, some nice and some not so nice. This is just a part of life. Learn to recognize these signs you’re being used by a man right away and ditch him.

That way, you’ll only feel a small sting rather than huge heartbreak. It’s time to protect yourself. Take a look at the signs and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

1. He doesn’t show his emotions

If a guy isn’t emotionally connected to you, then he won’t be comfortable sharing his feelings with you. Men, in general, don’t share too much about their feelings but almost all of them share them with their loved ones sometimes.

2. He only seems to be close to you in bed

When your man is only acting nice and cute when your clothes are off then you know there is some problem.

3. He’s still in touch with his exes

If he used to love his ex and doesn’t love you, then there is no way he will stop talking with her and talk to you instead. He doesn’t have an emotional connection with you so why would he?

4. He doesn’t know the real you

He never notices the small things and doesn’t know the parts of you that you’ve hidden away from people.

5. You feel like a stranger around him

Why would someone who doesn’t love you even be interested in your true self? He doesn’t know the things that you don’t tell him, and that’s because he’s never asked because he’s not interested!

6. He walks away from arguments

You’re just convenient to be with, so he doesn’t want to get into the trouble of a huge argument. He doesn’t care whether the argument will make the relationship better in the long run. All he thinks about is his peace of mind.

7. He doesn’t seem to care about you

He doesn’t ask you if you’re sick, he doesn’t know if you’re having cramps That’s because he doesn’t care.

8. He doesn’t want to think about the future

You’re a short-term fling for him, so he’s never talked about the future with you. Although you may be wondering exactly that, he will not even go there.

9. He spends less time with you and more with his friends

This is a clear indicator that he enjoys guy time more than you-and-him time. We’re not saying if he loves you, he’ll be with you all the time and ignore his friends. But, there is a limit to which he can spend time with them, and if he loves you, he will balance it out evenly.

10. He’s never enjoying the moments with you

No matter how the special the moment is to you, if he looks the same as always, then there is a profound lack of emotions he feels for you there. He’ll never get truly excited about that stuff unless he loves you.

11. He never introduces you to his family

He doesn’t want you to meet his family. He doesn’t want them imagining his future with you because he doesn’t see that as a long-term option. You’re just short term to him.

12. You have a bad feeling

You might have a gut feeling that something is wrong. Then there probably is. Trust your gut. Something isn’t right with him. Dump him.

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