12 Compelling Reasons For Eating Mangos Every Day

12 Reasons Why You Should Eat a Mango Everyday

If you like sweets and plenty nutrition, mango is the perfect fruit for you!

Mangoes may very well be the king of all fruits because they fight cancer, alkalize the body, regulate diabetes, help digestion, aid in weight loss, clear your skin and make the perfect snack.

Since mangoes are so tasty, people forget they’re healthy. You can eat mango in different ways such as eating them in cubes, adding them to your salad, or even adding them to your smoothie.

Mango is a nutrition-filled wonder-fruit capable of giving your body the health it needs. Here are 12 reasons why you should eat a mango every day.

1. Combats C.a.n.c.e.r

Mangoes contain antioxidants such as quercetin, fisetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, gallic acid and methyl gallate. All these properties protect our body against breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and leukaemia..

2. Keeps Your Cholesterol Levels in Check

When you eat a mango, you get high levels of vitamin C, fibers, and pectin to help lower serum cholesterol levels. Fresh mangoes are rich sources of potassium, an essential component of cell and body fluids for controlling the heart rate and blood pressure.

3. Skin Cleanser

Another benefit of eating mangoes is that it cleanses your skin from deep inside your body. It treats pores and gives a glow to your skin. Hence, eat mangoes to get a flawless skin.

You can use mango as a body scrub by making a paste of mashed mango, milk and honey. Your skin will feel more tender and smooth after a rejuvenating scrub.

4. Alkalize Your Bold

Mango is rich in tartaric acid, malic acid and traces of citric acid which helps in maintain the alkalinity of the body.

5. Weight Loss and Digestion

Mango is rich in vitamins and nutrients which help you feel stuffed after eating. Also, its fibers boost your stomach’s digestive functions by burning excess calories, aiding weight loss.

The enzymes in mangoes help in breaking down protein content in the body. Enriched with fibre, mangoes aid good digestion and prevents many stomach related diseases.

6. Diabetes Regulator

Aside from the fruit, mango leaves are healthy too because they help regulate insulin levels. Just boil 5-6 mango leaves in a vessel, soak it through the night, and drink the filtrate in the morning. The filtrate also serves as a stomach tonic you can drink every morning on an empty stomach.

7. A.p.h.r.o.d.i.s.i.a.c

There is a reason why people call mango “the love fruit.” Mangoes have the ability to increase virility in men. Mango has a particular nutrient, vitamin E, which regulates sex hormones and boosts sex drive.

8. Heat Stroke

This summer fruit also helps in preventing heat stroke. Eating it cools you down instantly and hence refreshes you. Add this ‘super fruit’ in summer and stay cool during the got weather.

9. Strengthen Your Immunity

The powerful combination of mango’s vitamin C, vitamin A, and 25 various carotenoids keep you immune system strong and healthy.

10. Increase Your Concentration and Memory Retention

Mango is rich in glutamic acid which is an important alpha-amino acid for your brain. If you have an exam, presentation or report, eat a mango the night before to get a refreshed mind. You can feed mangos to children who have a difficulty concentrating on studies.

11. High Iron for Women

The high iron content in mango is a natural remedy for anaemic people. Also, women should eat mangoes to increase iron level and calcium content in their bodies.

12. Reduce Kidney Stones

The Chinese believe mangoes have cooling energy capable of reducing the risk of kidney stone formation. Chinese medicine practitioners always recommend mangoes practitioners especially for those suffering this particular condition.

Instead of all the unhealthy chips and cookies, why not feast on mango slices? You may also snack on dried mangoes because they’re among the tastiest dehydrated fruits out there.

It’s tasty, juicy and packed with the essential nutrients your body needs.

Throw out those candies and go to the grocery store to buy some mangoes.

I promise you… You won’t regret it.


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