12 Common Household Items You Didn’t Realize Had Expiration Dates

While using daily use items like toothBrush, towels, etc. people often don’t pay attention to their expiry date and use them until they are not completely spoiled or broken. If you are also doing the same then be alert that you are playing with your health. If most of these items mentioned below have passed their expiration date at your home, it’s time to say goodbye to them with a heavy heart and turn your home into a safer and healthier place to live. Here are some daily household items that too have an expiry date:

1. Pillow – 2-3 years

There are many things from your childhood like toys, clothes, etc. accompany you till your adulthood but if you have pillows from your childhood then stop using them immediately as they must have expired. Over time pillows can become a haven for dust mites, dead skin cells, and mould which cause allergies. It is better to send them to early retirement, otherwise, you may also suffer from neck pain due to the inevitable loss of shape.

2. Slippers – 6 months

Many of us often use the slippers until they do not break or even if we buy a new pair we start using an old one in the bathroom and that’s the reason for getting foot fungal infection and you should actually replace them every 6 months. These slippers catch and spread all kinds of germs, and even require regular cleaning sessions during their short lifespan.

3. Towel – 1-3 years

Towels can be used only for 1-3 years. Even if you wash towel’s regularly, bacteria would not be destroyed effectively and therefore they should be changed on time.

4. Toothbrush – 3 months

Brushing teeth two times a day is the foundation of good oral care and the prevention of many diseases if you use the proper technique and brush long enough. Many of us never bother to throw away our toothbrushes until the bristles are absolutely twisted and broken but we should replace them with a new one every three months. In fact, you should change yours after you recover from a cold, even if it hasn’t been 3 months otherwise you could risk becoming sick again.

5. Hairbrush.

Hairbrush should be changed at least once a week and it should be replaced once a year. Brushes with natural boar bristles can be replaced every 7-10 months.

6. Power Sockets – 4-5 years

They should be changed after 4-5 years. When kept longer they can cause electrical fires in the house.

7. Running Shoes.

Sneakers lose their quality after you have run 250-300 miles. So, they should be changed after 1 year.

8. Mascara

Bacteria (like the kind that causes pinkeye and other infections) can start to grow in an open mascara tube within three months of use. Plus, with lots of pumping, the product will begin to dry out around the same time. Some products even have a hidden expiration date.

9. Loofahs

Sponges and natural loofahs can start to breed bacteria in just a couple of weeks. Plastic mesh loofahs (like the one pictures here) are safe a little longer, up to eight weeks.

Solution: Rinse and dry all your loofahs after each use. Replace natural loofahs every couple weeks, and mesh ones every other month.

10. Disposable Razors

Sure, you know that disposable razors are supposed to be disposable. But do you know how often? To prevent bacteria buildup and razor burn, you should toss your razors every week, or every three to four shaves.

Solution: Get a new razor every week, and make sure to let it dry between uses.

11. Bike Helmets

Like car seats, bike helmets can lose their safety effectiveness over a couple of years and after any kind of crash or trauma.

Solution: Replace helmets if they’ve been damaged in any way, and otherwise replace every three to five years or based on manufacturer recommendations.

12. Bra: 1-2 years
Your bra is only effective so long as it can still support you. Once it loses its shape and elasticity, you should throw it away instead of enduring the discomfort. The typical lifespan of a bra is actually 6-9 months, according to Linda the Bra Lady, but many factors can come into play to lengthen its lifetime, such as the number of bras you have in rotation, you cup size, whether or not you’re nursing, quality, how you wash them, and how you put them on.

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