11 weird but true signs that you are smarter than average

If you have at least 2 of these 11 signs, surely you are smarter than average.

It must have happened to you countless times to question your intelligence. According to psychologists, there are certain signs which can point that you are much more intelligent than you think. Are you fit? Maybe you are the oldest child in the family? Maybe you have a hard time sleeping at night or you have a messy handwriting? You must find yourself in at least two of 11 following signs!

1. You Are The Oldest Child in The Family

One very interesting research showed that oldest kids in the family have a moderate, however significantly higher IQ when compared to their youngest brothers and sisters. That is why they are often more successful than their younger brothers and sisters.

2. You Are Left Handed


There is some data that shows that there is a big number of criminals that are left-handed. On the other hand, the latest researches show that left handed people are mostly divergent – that is a sort of a creative thinking which is used for problem-solving. Left-handed people are often more inventive and it is easier for them to find the way out of difficult situations. Isn’t that a sign of a strong mind?

3. You Liked Reading Even When You Were Kids

Do you remember reading when you were a kid? If it seems to you that you have loved reading since you were a kid, chances are that you are a highly intelligent person. In one science experiment, researchers followed the development of 2,000 pairs of twins. The results showed that those who started reading earlier, later in life had better test results. Authors of that study believe that reading at the early age improves verbal and nonverbal abilities of a person.

4. You Are Often Worried

Studies show that people who are often worried about things are more intelligent than the people who don’t. That is quite possibly the consequence of a fact that they are always thinking about all the possible repercussions of their actions, and therefore they are always trying to do their best.

5. You are Amusing!

High IQ and the sense of humor are interconnected. In one research, over 400 participants did the IQ test and had to think of amusing titles for cartoon’s scenes. Can you guess whose titles were the most amusing?

6. You Are Tall

The research made on the Princeton University showed that tall children learn better than the rest of the children of their age. Those children also make more money as adults. That’s why you should straighten up your backs and walk tall. You have everything to be proud of.

7. You Are Curious?

One professor of business psychology at London University came to a conclusion that curiosity is a very important trait of intelligent people. Curious people have that “purified” way of thinking and a long-term interest in discovering new things and personal development.

8. You Are an Night Owl

It sounds strange, but it looks like the people who can’t sleep during the night are more intelligent than people who are “early risers”. The ability to work and be creative during the night, as we all know, is not a natural gift. That is why scientists concluded that intelligent people go later to bed because they want to broaden up the limits of their abilities. If only we could survive without sleep.

9. You Do Everything To Perfection


Intelligent people are usually perfectionists. They are never fully satisfied. If they are into sports, they will spend more time training so they could be the best player in their team. If they are not satisfied with how they look, they will change the style of their clothing or their makeup. Their life is always “Under Construction”.

10. You Are Fit

There was an interesting research in 2006. According to it, the bigger the waist is, the lower cognitive abilities are. Other studies showed that 11-year-old children who have bad results on their tests will be prone to obesity all the way to their adulthood. Other children who are more intelligent will have better education and will take better care of their health.

11. You Have a Bad Handwriting

A creative mess is an established concept and there is a research that claims that creative individuals use that concept as a fuel. That bad handwriting is also a sign of extremely creative individuals.

Source: 24hviralphotos.com

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