11 Things That Women Secretly Do But They Would Never Admit

11 Things That Women Secretly Do But They Would Never Admit

Do you know there are many things which women do that secretly but they never admit it? Even though they get caught but they never gonna admit it even after that. Check out some of such activities in this article.

1. Keeping an eye on their husband or boyfriend

If a woman denies stalking and paying attention to her partner’s actions, she is definitely lying. Women check all their partners’ activities secretly such as who they are talking to or spending time with.

2. Skipping showers

Who on this Earth take showers daily without skipping a single day in a whole year? But never going to accept this that they also skip their daily sometimes they are like “I always take the shower no matter what”…LOL, a big lie.

3. Wearing the same clothes

As we mentioned, women want to smell good, but not always. If a woman is not planning to go anywhere or have someone over, she will put on her comfy pajamas and look like the biggest slob when there is nobody around.

4. Checking out other women stuff

This is something we all are aware of the fact that women do check other women like what they have wear and how they look and man more things. But they never admit the fact. They often gossip about other women dress and all.

5. Checking out themselves very often and it’s their favorite thing.

Women spend a lot of time in front of a mirror to see how they look like laughing, crying or posing to find their best photo angle. They might even take post crying selfies to see if they are ‘pretty criers’.

6. Plucking facial hair

If you asked them about their glowing skin they would give all the credit to a lot of night creams, serums, toners and what not but would never admit to the fact of plucking out facial hair.

7. Hiding snacks to eat alone

They always dream about being in figure and look sexy that no men can resist to take his eye off but most of them eat without taking care of them becoming fat. They also sometimes hide their favorite food from others just to eat that alone.

8. Talking about men

It may be surprising to you but women do stalk, check out and talk about men but they never ever admit it.

9. Seek attention

This is something we as a human being always want from someone but Women always want attention no matter what but they never gonna admit it.

10. Screenshot messages

Women also take the screenshot when their boyfriend or some guy send some special msg and then they show that screenshot to their best friend.

11. Shaving just where the pants end

Many Girls are lazier than they seem. Shaving legs to where the pants end so that they would not have to shave the whole legs is the most common thing women do but never say.

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