11 Things Men Pay Attention To But You Don’t

11 Things Men Pay Attention To But You Don’t

Here are some examples of things your man notices about you, even if he doesn’t think twice about it.

1. How much you eat, you just eat whatever.

Sure, you have your diet set, but you don’t think much about it. You eat as much as feels natural to you. But your man notices. He loves it when you have a hearty appetite, so you won’t have to feel guilty about eating too much.

2. How much makeup you wear every day.

You may think this is a natural routine for you, but he still notices. He wants to know what kind of day he expects to have based on the makeup you are wearing. He knows that your makeup is a direct manifestation of how you are feeling on a given day.

3. What you drink.

What you drink at the end of a long day will give you an idea about the kind of day you just had. If you are having a margarita or a cocktail, then he will know that you are looking for a good time right now. If it’s having a beer, then he’ll think you’re just trying to blow off some steam.

4. A color you usually wear.

Your color choices when it comes to your clothing may seem like something innate; natural to you. You don’t even have to think about it much in the morning when you get dressed. But he does notice. He thinks your favorite color choices are reflections of your mood.

5. The hobbies that bring him the most joy.

He loves to see your face light up when you’re doing something you enjoy. That’s why he actually takes the time to notice what activities bring him the most happiness. It could be doing yoga, running, writing, singing, or painting. If he knows it makes you happy, you’ll encourage him to do it as much as he can.

6. Your beautiful smile.

Because what man wouldn’t notice the smile of the love of his life? You don’t even know the effect your smile can have on your man.

7. Your facial reactions.

You don’t notice much how your face reacts to certain situations, but he definitely does. He instantly knows whenever you feel irritated or annoyed. He knows when you are genuinely intrigued and interested. It’s all about looking at the nuances of your facial expression.

8. The strangest things about you.

He loves his quirks. These are things about you that are specific only to your personality. Your little tendencies and weird personality traits make up a big part of who you are as a person. To you, they are just who you are and you don’t think much about it. But for him, they help make up for the love he has for you.

9. Your favorite music.

He wants to take a genuine interest in your life. He wants to immerse himself in your world. He just puts on his Spotify and puts some of his favorite music on there without thinking much about it. But for him, it’s another window into your universe. Give him another chance to connect with you and learn more about you.

10. The things you worry about.

He never wants you to worry about anything. He always makes a conscious effort to protect you. You don’t even know it, but he is trying to keep you safe and secure even from your own emotions. That’s why he makes mental notes about the things that bring anxiety into your life. He wants you to always be calm and cool as much as possible.

11. The things that cheer you up.

He knows that having you happy means that he too will be happy. That’s why he’s always taking note of the things that bring joy into your life. He wants to bring a semblance of pleasure to each day you are together.


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