11 things men do when they are lying or chєαting on you

11 things men do when they are lying or chєαting on you

There might be some distrustful times in your relationship when you feel your man is lying to you about something or chєαting on you, but that might not even be true. So, it is always wise to first confirm if there is anything suspicious going on in your relationship or not. Before you doubt, do give it a second thought whether is it even true that he is hiding something or not?

But if you are confused as to how to find out if that’s the case, here are some signs to know that he is lying or chєαting on you.

1. No communication

The communication was going well and good with him but now it has somehow fallen short. It seems like he’s saving a lot of topics and conversations for some other person.

2. Making you feel guilty

He knows he’s doing something wrong but he tries to put all the blame on you. The result is that if you do the slightest mistake, he will build a mountain out of it. It’s actually his way of deflecting his guilt.

3. Late nights are outdoors

If he’s regularly working late or going out late at night, then it might be something to worry about. Put on your detective skills and ask his friends to verify the truth.

4. He’s lying

You are catching him red-handed whenever he lies, however small those lies might be. It might be a ploy to hide bigger truths.

5. Always anxious

Perhaps, it’s the guilt working in him, but he’s always getting fidgety about little things. It might be just his anxiety but if it’s sudden, then it makes it all so clear.

6. Distance

He doesn’t want to be caught in any awkward position and so he starts to distance himself from you. The more the distance, the less likely he’ll be caught.

7. Being nice

Of course, your lover will be nice to you, but if he’s getting too nice, then it’s a red flag. It’s a way of compensating for his guilt and he makes it so clear.

8. Less intimate

When your lover is lying to you, he will have a lot going on in his mind. As a result, they would want to keep away from you. This shows during intimate times when you’ll feel that he’s not really down for intimacy of any kind.

9. Detailed explanation

If you want them to explain something and if they do so in a very detailed manner, then it’s time to find out why he’s so specific. It is clear that they have rehearsed it and wanted to say it like that.

10. He starts ignoring you

Communication should not be a problem between people who love each other. But if he’s ignoring you and staying aloof, then it is an indication of something going wrong.

11. He will focus on your flaws

We are all flawed but a person who loves you will love you for who you are. Your partner had been like that before, but all of a sudden, he’s starting focusing on your flaws. He’s pointing it out and trying to demean you. It’s all because he projects his own insecurities onto you.

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