11 Signs Your Man Is Tired Of You

11 Signs Your Man Is Tired Of You

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He used to be very cheerful with you, but not anymore. This is a warning sign. The easiest way to make a girl happy in the here and now is to make her laugh. If he is not trying to make you laugh, it means he is losing his interest in you.

There are more signs that the man is tired of you and wants to break up with you. Certainly, this is hard to do, because he has probably gotten used to you and doesn’t want to leave his comfort zone.

If you find his behavior strange, it could be a sign of his intention to break up. We have collected the most typical signs. So check them out and start paying attention to his behavior.

1. He is annoyed by your touch

If a man, for some reason, is going to break up with you right now, he won’t hug and kiss you as if nothing happened. He will avoid touching you and your touches will annoy him.

2. Your bad habits, on the other hand, don’t annoy him

The man who has fallen in love with you has already decided to separate from you. The fact that he hasn’t done so yet, doesn’t change anything: he has already become a stranger,

3. He has allowed himself to humiliate you publicly

We imagine that if a man does this, we will stand up, raise an eyebrow, apply it with a witty, stern sentence, and then retire proudly into the sunset. No, it’s not like that. It will be broken.

4. Your phone is silent.

Recently, your boyfriend has called you several times a week or even several times a day, and now his calls are coming in less and less frequently

5. He doesn’t want to make plans for the future.

There is no place for you in his plans. And it is not at all necessary that these be plans for a life together. Just as reluctantly, he can make plans for next Sunday.

6. He makes a speech that he needs more “freedom”.

And one thing that becomes clear to you: he spends less time with you. But sometimes a man really needs more personal space. Such men, the less they see, the more they love,

7. It irritates him.

Suddenly he does everything in a “wrong” way. Even the things he used to like. There is no trace left of his former beauty and appreciation.

8. You don’t keep promises.

If he promised to do something for you and didn’t do it, then it doesn’t matter to you. If he regularly forgets or doesn’t get a chance to do something he promised, then he simply doesn’t really like you,

9. He doesn’t look for an opportunity to make your life easier.

Person who loves, does not talk about love, but his true feelings are shown by his actions. There is no need to ask him for help, he will do everything by himself.

10. He hides his emotions and feelings.

If a man loves you, sooner or later he will express his feelings. If the guy doesn’t show any emotion, the best you can do is to give him some space and freedom.

11. He is not attracted to you.

Perhaps this is one of the most important characteristics. If there is no passion between you, then the possibility of it working out is minimal.


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