10-Yr-Old Sat With Friendless Classmate During Lunch And Received Heartwarming Thank You Note

We adults can learn a lot from kids – how to enjoy the small things, how to immediately call out someone who’s being rude or stand up for what’s right. From their interactions with others, we can also learn how to be thoughtful and kind.

Photo credit: Ravi Kahlon

Ravi Kahlon, a lawmaker from British Columbia, took to Twitter to share an incident involving his son and his classmate. He shared how his 10-year-old son, along with a friend, decided to give company to a new kid sitting alone during lunch hour at school. The post is complete with an image of a letter that Kahlon’s son received from the new kid.

“Proud dad moment today. My 10yr old son saw a new kid sitting by himself. Another friend and he decided to hang out with him over lunch. He got this lovely note at the end of the day,” Kahlon tweeted.

Take a look at the entire post:

After reading about the incident, several people recalled their own childhood – sometimes eating lunch alone, being bullied, or making friends for life! Others shared stories about their own kids and how they helped their classmates. Here’s some comments:

“As a kid that went to 6 different schools, this made me want to cry. I struggled so hard to make friends till date. Always being the new kid can be depressing & lonely ….. hugs to your son!”

“Learning your kid did something nice is the best sort of pride. Years ago my kid was hiding under the slide bc he had no one to play with, and a kid came and got him and had him play with his group. We’ve never forgotten, I wish I could thank his parents.”

“This is HUGE. My daughter was shunned and bullied for being shy and different, and sacrificed eating lunch with some of the few friends she had to befriend a new boy being horribly bullied, and would stick up for him. No one else in the 8th grade would have anything to do w/him.”

“From someone who spent grades 7-12 eating lunch alone … this warms my heart.”

“Who hasn’t been the new kid or even the person who walks into a party of strangers and wishes someone like your son would throw them a lifeline? Good for him and good for you for raising such a kind kid.”

“Growing up at 11 yrs old, I was that kid desperately looking for a friend. We moved across town and I was met with bullies and isolation. It was beyond awful. Tell your son he changed someone’s life in a way he’ll never understand.”

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